Sunday, October 30, 2011

Interesting Idea: Wood stove made with tire rims

While walking around today I came across this artifact. I took a picture right away:

It’s a wood burner, basically three rims soldered together with another three legs soldered below, two handles for moving it and a door cut below to collect the ambers and cook “asado” in the metal barrel grill pictured. This was all done in the sidewalk in the middle of the city. Before anyone asks, no, there’s no power outages, no natural gas interruption, just the way we are here. Argentines just like doing asado BBQ, and using a gas burner is considered sacrilege.

I liked several things about this rig. Car rims are pretty plentiful and cheap, just soldering a few together and working them up a bit with a grinder or saw allows many designs. In fact at first I thought it was an iron cast potbelly stove, only when walking back did I notice that it was made of rims.
I think that with a little imagination its not that hard to make a wood stove using rims. I went online to see if others have used these in a similar way and only found this picture of a tire-rim stove.

Take care folks, if you have some rims and a solder and come up with something, send me some pics: id’ love to hear about it and post them in the blog!

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G706 said...

Just an old farmer speaking, but I would recommend welding rather than sodering for putting those wheels together.

Penny Pincher said...

That's cool. I plan to build a rocket stove with a 55 gallon barrel and some furnace vent pipe. I need fire brick - does anyone know if I can use regular red bricks in the firebox and will they sufficiently protect my wood floor from the heat?

Anonymous said...

I've seen forges make with a hub (using hair blow dryer for the bellows) but never a cooker - slick idea!

FerFAL said...

You're right G706, its actually welded, not solded. It was lost in translation, sorry.

Penny Picher, you need refractive fire bricks, ordinary bricks wont hold well.


Anonymous said...

My father built a forge out of a tractor hub, with the hand cranked blower piped into the side. It worked very well.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty close to being a rocket stove. Just needs some insulation like vermiculite inside, and maybe a shelf for the burning wood (which should be fed in gradually). This will give better efficiency and less smoke.