Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cristina Kirchner Praises Chavez and Obama

(link to original video clip in Spanish)
For over 10 minutes the president of Argentina boasted about the K Media Law, criticized what’s left of the free Argentine press and complimented Chavez on his newly won election. “The problem of the media is widespread” she said “in the region and the rest of the world”. She said that the elections in Venezuela felt like an “international” election and made reference to how Chavez won in spite of opposing press. To that, several Chavez militants present in the room chanted in support.

She also mentioned similarities between herself and Obama regarding how they both suffer unfair negative press. Ms. Kirchner mentioned the unfair criticism to Obama of how the unemployment rate isn’t accurate, how social welfare plans are used to buy votes and political support and how Obamacare is branded as socialist.  “They criticize when unemployment is high and call it conspiracy when its doing better”, said Cristina Kirchner.  

Regarding the K Media Law, which in December 7th will finally get rid of whats left of the free press in Argentina with the liquidation of Clarin Group, the Argentine president again drew comparisons.  “Fox news monopolizes the news like it happens here (in Argentina)”. She also insinuated that freedom of press was even more restricted in USA than in Argentina when she said “In USA, who owns a newspaper cannot own a TV channel, did you know that?”

Regarding the latest suspiciously positive unemployment numbers,  Ms. Kirchner complimented the New York Times for its pro Obama stance. “The New York Times today talks about the conspiracy world” …“living and getting worked up means resigning to objective reality, does that ring a bell?”“This is what I admire of that democracy (USA)” said the Argentine president.  Comparing Fox to the Argentine Clarin Group, Cristina said “Fox news and the right wing websites saw a conspiracy”…. “Do tell me if this news article couldn’t be of Argentina as well?”

Maybe that last quote is the scariest part, because those last words of hers are actually true.
I really hope Americans see what’s happening. Voting for Obama is voting for the US equivalent of Cristina Kirchner in Argentina and that’s voting for more government oppression and less freedom.  



Stuki said...

Problem in America, is that voting for Romney is also voting for Ms. Kirchner.

This election is entirely about voting for the tan guy or the pale guy.

OR, voting for someone that signals to the major parties that the reason their guy lost, is that he is too close to the other guy. While such a someone won't win, unless one is really hung up on how tanned the President is, it makes no difference whatsoever which one of the two who can realistically win, wins.

Anonymous said...

And that's why sensible libertarians will vote Romney. Hopefully, Rand Paul has a future with the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Comrade K has obviously not heard of MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, and so on....monopoly my a$$

Anonymous said...

Sensible Libertarians will vote for Gary Johnson, who is the only 3rd party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.

Don Williams said...

1) You can not have freedom with dense populations dependent upon complex systems for survival. resulting in corresponding intense concentrations of wealth and power.

2) Argentina was destroyed by her billionaires and the same is happening in the USA. In theory, government serve the common citizens and can act as a restraint on the egos, greed, and pathological selfishness of the billionaires, but in practice its power is usually co-opted and used for evil by one faction or another.

3) The Founders of the USA modeled it on the ancient Roman Republic but with a bias toward protecting the wealth of the aristocracy (the US plebes were not given protective Tribunes, for example.) The USA has followed the Roman pattern of imperialism, extermination of foreigners and looting of their lands, and enrichment of the wealthy while the stupid commoners willingly bear the price --in taxes and in blood-- because of a fake patriotism, a fake democracy and a constant fake threat from without.

4) And we are following the same
pattern of decline as Rome. The middle class is destroyed by the influx of cheap foreign labor/foreign revenues and falls into grinding poverty, the Rich get ever Richer, the Senate becomes extremely corrupt, and the lid is temporarily kept on social unrest with a dole and NFL football --bread and circuses. The state goes ever deeper into debt because of the huge cost of sustaining a massive military establishment.

5) Eventually, the USA will have its Julius Caesar -- a patrician who gains the support of the bitter, impoverished plebes in order to crush his rival patricians. And the plebes will support him --because the corrupt Senate will have long since destroyed any respect people might have held for the ancient Constitution.

6) A few heads will be lost in the Senate but it will cut a deal with the new Emperor so that the aristocrats can keep some of their wealth --at the cost of becoming unquestioning yes men who rubber stamp the emperor's decrees. The benign Julius will be succeeded by evil, all-powerful Emperors like Caligula, Nero, Domitian and Commodus. Men consumed with fear that others want their seat --and who therefore exterminate any possible rival, leaving only incompetents and fools.

7) The Roman Senator Tacitus, whose father-in-law Agricola was forced to commit suicide by Domitian because Agricola was too successful in his conquest of northern England, described what it is like to live in that world-- to survive only by being an accomplice in the acts of an evil man.

"Agricola did not see the senate-house besieged, or the senate hemmed in by armed men, or so many of Rome’s noblest ladies exiles and fugitives. Carus Metius had as yet the distinction of but one victory, and the noisy counsels of Messalinus were not heard beyond the walls of Alba, and Massa Baebius was then answering for his life.

It was not long before our hands dragged Helvidius to prison, before we gazed on the dying looks of Manricus and Rusticus, before we were steeped in Senecio’s innocent blood.

Even Nero turned his eyes away, and did not gaze upon the atrocities which he ordered; with Domitian it was the chief part of our miseries to see and to be seen, to know that our sighs were being recorded, to have, ever ready to note the pallid looks of so many faces, that savage countenance reddened with the hue with which he defied shame."

8) The drones which once flew over Afghanistan are now flying over the USA. And it is not Al Qaeda who is being strip searched at US airports. The tools we give our elites to oppress foreigners will inevitably be used to oppress us.

9) If we die, there certainly will be few tears shed for us in the Middle East. Calgacus, the British chieftain who fought Agricola, described Rome thus:

"They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace. "

CapnRick said...

Well written article... thanks. Unfortunately, neither of these guys are talking about investigating the criminal activities of US bankers that caused the 2008 global meltdown which has an impact even to our grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I see you are all about "free-speech", except on your blog... Hypocrite....

Kev the Colorado Gun-totin liberal

Anonymous said...

Senor Fiesta here. The issue in America isn't the choice of the two evils. It's the ruling class (wealthy bankers), that have succeeded in dividing the American people into two tribes. Being a politician in the U.S. is no longer about service and making your country great, it's about keeping your job and getting the big payoffs. How do you keep your job? Create a two party system where each one blames the other for the problems; when the largesse received for their loyal service to the elite is the real problem.

I find it quite ironic Fernando that you live, happily, in a place that restricts/severely limits gun ownership. Individual taxes are at 20% of income up to aprox 40K Euro and 41% of everything above. Capital gains is 30%. It also has a universal health care program for all citizens, has an unemployment rate of aprox 13.5% and WELL over 40% of the population are on some type of government assistance yet you tell US citizens to beware of Obama who does not seek to further limit 2nd ammendment rights (and couldn't no matter how hard he tried), attempts to provide health care for all citizens and seeks to make taxation higher than current levels on higher earners but still lower the tax of where you reside.

Honestly both candidates suck. But at least Obama understands that it's the middle classes that drive the economy and make it strong, not the wealthy elite. Nothing kills an economy more than concentrated wealth. The middle class return a higher percentage of their earnings into the economy (and not in the form of savings or investment but actual purchase of goods and services). The lower 80% put more money into driving the economy than the upper 20%. What we really need is a flat income tax with NO deductions/loopholes and a reduction in spending accross the board. All recipients of welfare should put in three days a week of community service. Those receiving unemployment insurance need to be proven they are looking for work or receiving training in another field in order to continue to receive benefits.

Love your blog and the knowledge you bring. But I must disagree with your fear of Obama. It's not Obama we need to fear, it's the elite who seek to concentrate more of the wealth in their fingers which even consevative economists will tell you is a bad idea.

Whoever people vote for it's important that we hold our government accountable for equal treatment of ALL it's citizens and that we are stronger together than we are divided.

FerFAL said...

Hey, Kev the Colorado Gun-totin liberal,
Try posting without a dozen insults and your comment may get posted next time.
Have a nice day!

dvlfish13 said...

This is a little bit of a tangent but it's been bothering me for a while ...

What in the world is up with Cristina Kirchner's face? Her right eye is significantly higher than her left eye. Once you notice it, looking at her is like looking at some kind of Picasso painting. Is this well known and left unmentioned out of politeness or what?

... there, got it out of my system.

Anonymous said...

It seems everyone in this comment board is whining about the rich, why don't we just run them out of the country since they're only 1% of the US population (3,500,000). Perhaps then we'll finally achieve what Ms. K is slowly attempting to achieve which is 100% unemployment and 100% deficit.

I suggest people should watch "Atlas Shrugged" the similarities are uncanny.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the USA has caught the neo-Marxist fascist disease so common in South and Central America. If the Obama regime joins Kirchner and Chavez in winning multiple terms in office, where does one go to escape the increasing corruption and oppression? Chile? Canada?

Don Williams said...

1) Re Mr Chow's reference to "Atlas Shrugged", I would note that
"Atlas Shrugged" is a work of FICTION.

It's author --Ayn Rand-- was a nasty, egotistical, selfish old bat who never did anything of value in her entire life. She never saved a life as a doctor, never protected her country on the battlefield, never built a bridge or building, never harvested a crop, never
taught a group of children, never mined the coal that generates the
electricity that sustains the life of our cities, never raised a child.

Nor did she ever get off her ass and do a serious study of human
history or political philosophy or political economics. Do , in other words, anything that might have helped her fiction have a closer connection to reality.

2) I don't understand how the USA can spend almost $1 Trillion /year
on education and yet so many of her citizens can't understand that
fiction is a form of lying -- especially when it is on the front page of the New York Times or on the screen of Fox News.

3) Nor do they see how Ayn Rand cultists like US Federal Reserve
Chairman Alan Greenspan CAUSED this Second Depression that has wounded the USA. If the KGB had sent Russian Ayn Rand to the USA as a saboteur, she could not have been more effective.

Hey, maybe KGB did. After all, Rand's core idea that you owe nothing to your country is what also led the Rosenberg and Cohen spy rings into giving Joe Stalin the detailed blueprints to the atomic bomb.

I didn't remember scared US billionaires saying anything about "Atlas Shrugged" when they were spending $Trillions of our tax dollars -- and drafting us into the military -- to protect their asses during the Cold War.

4) What I find "corrupt and oppressive" is the idea that 99% of humanity should be slaves to 1%.

Yes, government can be a malign force --ESPECIALLY if it becomes the tool of that 1%. Government has to be kept in check.

5) But at least politicans have to
answer to us at election time -- billionaire oligarchs do not.
And if you think billionaires are interested in "free market" ideology or in "Freedom" for the bottom 99%, , you haven't been watching them very closely.

6) I can understand why Ayn Rand --a penniless immigrant with little to offer -- would feel compelled to flatter America's wealthy. That is what one did in Russia's feudal system when desperately looking for a patron.

But I don't see why America's middle class -- the people who fight this country's wars and who really produce this country's ideas and wealth -- should do the same.

Don Williams said...

1) The Richest 1 percent increased their share of national income from 8 percent in 1978 to almost 24 percent in 2007. Could someone explain to me how that is a sign that the "socialists" and welfare queens are taking over?


2) But fiction writers don't do math -- they don't like reality. That is why George W Bush could complain about Al Gore's "fuzzy math" in the 2000 Presidential debates -- and then steal $3 Trillion out of US workers' Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds in 2001 to hand to the Rich as a tax cut.

A. Ruiz said...

Obama is not Kirchner, because he will be out in 4 years. Guaranteed. That is still the biggest difference between the US and Argentina.

One of his biggest donors is Goldman and Sachs. So all his talk about re-distribution is just that...talks and lies to get the poor vote. He's not actually going to do anything too drastic. He knows who he really serves.

If he really was a socialist, Obamacare would be the same as the NIH in the UK. A single-payer system.

But instead he didn't do that (he had the supermajority, he could have used to do whatever he wanted), he just put a bandaid on the status quo gave the insurance companies a chance to make more money.

Brandon said...

Ms. K is very confused. I used to work for The Tribune Company, which owns half a dozen newspapers (Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc.) along with dozens of radio and TV stations. This is all easily verifiable on Wikipedia. Also, I'm not sure what her point was with that statement anyway? (So what if you couldn't own both TV stations and newspapers?)

That one guy said...

In keeping with ferFAL's original theme; his article points out an enemy of the personal freedom of millions of Argentines endorses Obama. Now the enemies of the personal freedoms of millions more in Venezuela, Cuba, and Russia have publicly endorsed Obama. It looks like he's their kind of guy. Birds of a feather... For this reason, and others, keeping Obama from another term as President seems like the thing to do if you prefer freedom.