Friday, October 26, 2012

Lost Liberty: Argentina loses Navy's Flagship to the Repo Man


I thought you might get a kick out of this. Really sad. Have a good day.

 Hi Ken, 
Yes, several people emailed the news to me some time ago.
I’m so sorry to hear that Argentina lost the “ARA Libertad” Flagship. Libertad means Liberty in Spanish, pretty ironic.
You know, I’ve been inside that ship twice. It used to be docked in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, and it was open to the public. I took my kids about a couple years ago. Before that we visited it with my family and an American friend and his family who came to visit, someone I knew through the website.
It was one of those things that I wanted my kids to get to know before leaving Argentina. I had several of those, some I got to do, others we just ran out of time.
It seems that the sailors were disgusted by the way in which the president said they could keep the ship, as if she didn’t care. I’m sure she doesn’t.
Anyway, pretty sad and shameful, like getting your car repoed, but on a national disgraceful vent.
I wonder; will other countries some day go through similar things when they can’t honor their debts?


DougFromOz said...

I can just see China presenting the US with a mountain of Treasury Bonds and saying "We'll take four of your carrier battle groups, thanks."
And I bet the board of Goldman Sachs wouldn't mind cruising the Carribean in the "Eagle" once they'd repo'd it from the Coast Guard.

newprepr said...

That is what is going to happen to the USA, China is going to "call in" our debt and we will not be able to pay it off. They in turn are going to demand everything west of the Rockie Mountains. Our politicians will at first be daunted by this but then China will tell them, "that we need you in office to keep the population in line". So being that the politicians will not be losing anything they will agree. Our elected officials will sell us out to save their own skins, mho.