Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mob Lynches Rapist In Buenos Aires

This didn’t use to be as common in Argentina as it was in other South American countries but in recent years it is becoming more common. In the last few months, several criminals, especially rapists, have been lynched to death or severely beaten and their houses were burned down.

Given that the government´s stance towards criminals in general is to let them free as soon as possible, the population lost hope in the legal system. Adding insult, many dangerous convicted criminals are released early or don’t go to jail at all if they affiliate with the ruling political party. This political branch within penitentiary system is called Vatayon Militante, and has been known to release murderers and rapists on regular basis. 

This time it happened in Mar Del Plata, province of Buenos Aires. A man snatched a five year old girl that was playing in the sidewalk, in front of the grocery store run by her mother. As soon as the mother noticed her missing she started looking for her along with some neighbors. They found the man with his pants down raping the child in a vacant lot of land, 300 yards away. The man was beaten to death by the enraged crowd. 

As corruption becomes worse, as more people understand that the political stance is to not prosecute criminals at all and when doing so to release them as quick as possible, it becomes more common for people to take the law into their own hands. The news article already mentions how unlikely it is to find those that killed this man because neighbors refuse to make any statements against each other.
Not that anyone will miss this specific person, but it’s a dangerous line to walk when people can no longer trust the legal system.


Anonymous said...

Wish justice could come that swiftly here in the U.S. He got what he deserved.

Lance said...

Reminds me of the Joe Horn case. He was interviewed on a local radio station yesterday.


Anonymous said...

The problems start when the crowd gets into "burn the witch" territory.


Anonymous said...

too bad the sob was not lit on fire.

Anonymous said...

What does catching a rapist in the act and beating him to death out of anger have to do with a superstition-induced burning of people that have done nothing wrong?