Monday, September 23, 2013

Expats Opinion: Argentina vs. Uruguay

While doing some more research (Dear God, I need to sleep) to wrap up my upcoming book I came across an expats opinion on living in Argentina compared to Uruguay.
I think it is interesting to see someone else’s opinion. It does reflect my own but sometimes I’m afraid of not being as objective as I would like to be. 
In this case though, I agree 100%. Regarding driving, anyone that can drive in Argentina can drive anywhere else in the world, blindfolded and with one arm freshly amputated. I’m not exaggerating. Not one bit.

Expats Found it Easier to Move to Uruguay than to Argentina
"I faced the same choice 2 years ago, Uruguay or Argentina. I already had an apartment in Buenos Aires, wanted to relocate from coastal Brazil and did not want to live in a big city. We ended up near Punta del Este (but a world away in many respects) in Uruguay. The political and financial situation in Argentina is impossible. A few months ago it was impossible to get dollars (by decree of the President) and no one outside of Argentina wants their pesos. Inflation is 25-30%. I gave up trying to get residency. We still have our apartment in BA and enjoy the 35 minute flight from Punta to be in a great city every month. Since you mentioned you need to be near an airport there is one (Laguna del Sauce) 5 minutes from our house. And Uruguay seems very stable, the people are friendly, inflation is 7% and banking is easy. Both countries have winters and August is particularly gloomy. If you are visiting in July and August you will see the worst of the weather. I thought I would share my experiences with both countries," explained one expat in Punta del Este.
You will have to have a car anywhere outside of Montevideo, whereas in the city you won't need one. (Frankly...I wouldn't DRIVE in Argentina, much less own a car. I've lived in Mediteranean Europe, Mexico, etc...and Argentina is BY FAR the most dangerous place to drive I have ever seen. Noone stops...EVER. Uruguay by contrast is simply 'sort of bad', comparable to many other places outside the U.S."

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