Friday, September 20, 2013

The Wonderful Leatherman Wave: "Hands down Best Multitool for the Money"

The Leatherman Wave is the best deal in multitools (MT) as of right now. While the Charge Tti is the Rolls-Royce of MTs, the Wave offers pretty much all the functionality of the Charge at half the price. Granted, you don’t get the nice titanium handles and the premium S30V steel for the blade, but everything else is there. The Wave handles are still very comfortable and the blade steel is still ok for a folding knife. Unless you really know steel and know how to keep it razor sharp at all times you wont notice any difference just from cutting a few strings or slicing a few tomatoes every once in a while.

The list of 17 tools found on the Wave is pretty comprehensive:

Leatherman 830040  New Wave Multi-Tool with Nylon Sheath   $51.60

  1.  Needlenose Pliers
  2. Regular Pliers
  3. Hard-wire Cutters
  4. Wire Cutters
  5. Wire Stripper
  6.  420HC Knife
  7. 420HC Serrated Knife
  8. Saw
  9. Spring-action Scissors
  10. Ruler (8 in | 19 cm)
  11. Can Opener
  12. Bottle Opener
  13.  Wood/Metal File
  14. Diamond-coated File
  15. Large Bit Driver
  16. Small Bit Driver
  17. Medium Screwdriver

The Leatherman Wave is just big enough to be useful when needed but still easy to carry around all day in the pocket given that you have the clip for it.

Besides the official tools, the side of the file can be used as a thick and rudimentary metal saw. Not great but during an emergency it will cut through a window bar if you’re kept in a dungeon in Bolivia and guards forgot to take away your trusty Leatherman Wave! The can/bottle opener can be used as a poking tool and I’ve used it some times to open up jammed knots.
What makes the Wave and the Charge great is that all tools are all they can be in spite of the pocket size limitations: The wood saw cuts as well as a saw twice its size, the knife has a nice, respectable size, so does the spare blade and the file is better than most files you find around in hardware stores. As if that wasn’t enough the knives can be opened single handed with a thumb hole and all tools lock into place. The Wave does everything well, that’s the secret to its success.
Nice Blade
Nice Wood/Steel File
Nice Saw

The black oxide finish Wave is a bit more expensive than the standard stainless one but otherwise it’s the same MT.
In conclusion, the Leatherman Wave is a great Multitool which is simply a step ahead of everything else in the market right now. There, I said it. If money isn’t a problem get the Charge Tti. If you want to save 50 bucks or so then get the Wave but do yourself a huge favor and buy the clip to go along with it, spend the 7 bucks and buy the black one that is less flashy. The clip makes the MT a dream to carry around all day long.



Anonymous said...

Ferfal, thank you for the review.

Letherman makes a decent product however, Tim Leatherman, President Leatherman Tool Group, Inc., has publicly, financially, and unapologeticly supported socialist causes and candidates in the past. Many of the very causes and candidates causing the decline in our world for which you try to educate us about. While Mr. Leatherman is certainly free to support whatever candidates and causes he chooses, I cannot in good conscience indirectly assist him in such.

As I said, Letherman makes a decent multi-tool but so do Gerber, SOG, Victorinox, and Wenger and their CEOs don't alienate half of their potential customers by publicly supporting any political position or politician.

Please consider reviewing other multi-tool brands. Your opinion is valued, but Leatherman is just not an option for some of us.

Thank you.

0007 said...

The Wave is nice but I prefer the Supertool 300. Actually the 200 model was better AFAIC, but that one is no longer available.

Anonymous said...

what he said

DougFromOz said...

So if you don't want the money going to the manufacturer, buy it 2ndhand. You can get it in as good or nearly as good condition, and cheaper.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your feedback. If there were no other viable brands/products in the category, I would fully agree with your strategy (and have done so on occasion with other brands), but as noted above there are many quality competitors who keep politics out of their business. As such, unless one supports such politics, there is no need to support Leatherman at this time.

Unknown said...

These leatherman multi tool are perfect for everyday carry to outdoors.