Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Politically Incorrect Christmas gifts for Kids

Oh, Christmas. That magical time of the year, Santa, Christmas trees, presents and sanitized “Happy Holidays” signs that make you throw up in your mouth a little.
As Christmas eve approaches, we hurry to buy something for our little ones.  Nothing beats busting our brains thinking of neat gifts, only for our kids to leave them all over the living room and the small parts going straight into the vacuum cleaner not 24hs after they opened them.
But you know you’re going to buy them anyway so for this Black Friday week I made a short list of politically incorrect toys that will at least counteract some of the garbage out kids are exposed to on daily basis, maybe even teach them a thing or two about life.

5-Playmobil Nativity Manger with Stable
Playmobil Nativity Manger with Stable $29.99
Christmas may be banned in New York schools and various government buildings but not all hope is lost. While most toy companies play along, others like Playmobil actually have nativity toys. There’s even a little baby Jesus. 

4-Playmobil Advent Calendar Police with Cool Additional Surprises
In case you didn’t notice, Lego “cops” don’t have guns any more (no Nativity toys either). They run around with handcuffs instead.  God forbid, should a child play imagining that a toy cop shoots a toy bad guy. Well, Playmboil thankfully isn’t like that. In this set both cops and the bad guy have plenty of guns, both handguns and long arms as well as holsters that actually fit the tiny sidearms. Go Playmobil! I got this set for my son a few weeks ago and he loved it. It comes with a small motion detector alarm (not loud, safe for small children) and they can set it up so that it goes off when someone moves or approaches the museum treasure. 

3-Daisy Outdoor Products 693 Pistol Kit
This was the first CO2 pistol I ever owned and man did I have fun with it. Mine was a Daisy just like this one but the color was black with brown grips. The construction is plastic but it doesn’t really matter, it has plenty of metal where needed, its tough and packs a punch. Careful though, the price is pretty low but it does not reflect how powerful this thing is.
The one I had was accurate for a gun that fires round pellets and has fixed sights. It is powerful, punched holes into thin wood and cans.Decades later after forgetting about this gun I found it in a drawer. Some CO2 and a few pellets later and it was working again.
This is not a toy and should be treated like a firearm. Pay special attention to eye protection which is the most common type of injury with air guns. The rule is very simple and this is what I do with my oldest son: You put on your eye protection before picking it up, you take it off after you  put away the gun. Break that rule and you lose your air gun for a month, or until you are old enough to handle it responsibly.  

2-Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Gun
I never had one of these but everyone seems to remember them fondly and it seems to be a great choice as a kids first gun. Comes in pink too for girls.
I see how the Red Ryder can be lots of fun, but its more of a plinking kind of air gun,a true “fun gun”. If the intention is to use it for shooting pests too, within the same budget you have better, more powerful guns such as the Crosman 2100 or Daisy 880 which is better suited for it.

1-Crosman Remington Vantage Hardwood Stock Break (.177)
Here’s where things get interesting. I got a similar air rifle for my 15th birthday, brand Mahely. It wasn’t as nice as the Crossman Remington Vantage but my Mahely was also a break barrel action that generated nice power and had good accuracy.  If you want to go all the way there’s the Gamo Silent Stalker. The .22 version is a serious small game hunting air gun. It has a Shock Wave Absorber and noise dampener reducing noise up to 52%. 
Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle air rifle  $203.68 


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Red Ryder. "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!" From A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd.

Anonymous said...

As you moved to Europe. Leave that Gammo & Crossman crap behind and go for great German air riffles - Weihrauch.

It is truly "Glock" of air riffles. ;-) You will love them.

Long riffles are saver for children. It is much harder to shot yourself with long air riffle, than short air pistol. Low power air rifles (7,5J) are easy to operate for children (force needed to compress the spring is not that high like in 17J variants).

My child shoots HW-25. HW-30 is nice for for older childs... and wifes.

If you like air shooting go for HW-97 and a good scope (try Swiss - Swarovski).

Have a great Christmas guys!