Sunday, November 10, 2013

Booze, Bartering & Bargaining after SHTF


Anonymous said...

Bartering worked at some point in the Confederacy, but spouse and I have not found it to be a reliable transaction method.

What works for us are Thank you/Appreciation gifts. They are always well received, and it usually helps the working relationship.

We do not do this with the intention of trying to get something for nothing. We really are appreciative of what the person has done for us. Maybe that is the key.

Jose Garcia said...

I have lived through a couple of nasty currency devaluations in Mexico. Despite the purchasing power of the currency having gone down by 50%, cash was still coveted, Dollars even more.
What didn’t happen was bartering; nobody used cash for TP, or to start a fire. Cash, in its devalued state, was still king on the street. Prices just went up, so it bought less.
But a US collapse will be like no other, etc… Maybe, maybe not. In addition to basic preps, I’d suggest keeping a good little stash of a hard currency like Canada.

Anonymous said...

That's the first time I've heard someone call Canadian 'Hard currency'. Oh how its moving up in the world.