Thursday, February 6, 2014

Aladdin Blue Flame Kerosene Heater

Saw your videos about your blue flame heater and thought it would make
for a good subject over here after you have some time under your belt
with it.
I have run the Toyostoves for years and like them quite a bit, but I
always wanted to try one of the old Aladdin Blue Flames too, probably
because I like their lamps or just like the idea of a nice old fashion
Anyway try their lamps if you haven't and run something about their
heaters when you can.

 What I like the most about the Aladdin Blue Flame heaters is that they are made to work both as heaters and cookers and do so well. They are still pretty old and use cotton wicks and are not as clean burning or as efficient as the modern convection and radiant heaters.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Aladdin heater and it does work, but for purely practical purposes such as heating at home when power goes down during a snow storm as we are seeing across USA, a modern heater that uses a fiberglass wick and burns cleaner is simply better. A 23,000 BTU Convection heater like the one above would be my recommendation instead. They are safe, tough, put out a lot of heat and even if not intended for it, you can boil water on top of most of them during an emergency.


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