Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best Survival Matches, Cases and Firestarters?

Best Fire starter - Hammarö Lighting Paper

Hammarö Tinder Cards   $10.95   (the best, most practical fire starter)


Don Williams said...

Good points, especially about the effect of high humidity on matches.

Re tinder, one thing that can be done is to cut a piece of cotton clothesline rope (1/3 inch diameter) into 1 inch sections and soak those in melted paraffin. They are also compact and you can unravel them to get balls of tinder. Cotton balls will also work but you have to compress them and let them dry(maybe with a metal tube and plunger).

Some tinder and a firestarter rod can also be put inside the green match safe to supplement the matches for longer term trips. Gives more options since you can use natural tinder (crushed pine needles, etc) if it is available.

In order to not take up too much space in the matchsafe, it is
best if the firestarter rod is not a thick one but rather one with a smaller diameter. Here in the USA magnesium bars with attached firestarter rod of 1/8" diameter are common. I don't like the magnestium bars but the rod thickness is about right and you can cut it loose.

Don Williams said...

The Hammaro package has a LOT of tinder -- the package description indicates it has 6 cards and each card is 4 inches by 8 inches.

I had not realized that the piece you were using in the video was just a small fragment torn from a single card.

Don Williams said...

Plus the advantage of the Hammaro paper is that you could cut up some 1/4" x 2" strips with scissors and put some in the green matchsafe with the matches.

Anonymous said...

well, i'm too cheap to buy anything.
i use dryer lint as tinder, even
to start my charcoal grill.
wrap it around some "fatwood"
or congealed sap, and it will burn
long enough to start a campfire.