Monday, February 10, 2014

Interview with Chris Martenson from PeakProsperity

We did it last week. The interview went along very well and many good points were discussed.
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Don Williams said...

1) The thing that puzzles me about Argentina is --why is former President Carlos Menem still alive?

2) Here is a guy who ran the Argentina economy into the ground, who pardoned the generals in the junta that executed the Dirty War, and who let Argentina's billionaires steal everything not nailed down in his "privatization" campaign. As I noted earlier, much of Argentina's disasterous debt was run up by the Junta and by Menem.

3) Menem dumped the mess off onto his successor and fled the country as the floor collapsed. But after a few years he returned and was ELECTED SENATOR!! Whereas I would have expected to see him swinging from a lamppost.

How did that happen--was it because he was part of the Kirchner's Justicialist Party?

4) Looking at it from the outside, I can help feeling that voters so stupid deserve to be screwed. But I am in no position to talk -- I worked for the Democrats in the USA for several years before seeing what a fraud they are in 2009.

5) It seems to me that the Justicialist and US Democratic Parties have much in common -- they are both frauds. Claiming to be populist, for the people and protector of the common citizens they are in reality "moles" for the Rich.

Dedicated to protecting the Rich by subverting any popular protests and leading them over the cliff. When dissent arises, they take leadership of reform movements -- so that they can coopt, subvert, undermine, sabotage and ultimately destroy them.

There is one thing worse than an honest enemy who shoots at you from the front -- it is the deceitful friend who claims to be your ally so that he can stab you in the back at the critical moment from behind.

There is one thing worse than a competent enemy general -- and that is being led by a sellout leader who --at the start of battle -- either flees the battlefield or else bows down and begs for terms of surrender from the enemy.

Don Williams said...

1) According to London's Financial Times, Argentina's soya farmers are sitting on their crop and refusing to sell it --storing it in silos. Only 6% has been sold at this point --versus 25% in 2012. The soya inventory has doubled in size.

2) Argentina's major foreign currency earnings are from the sale of Soybeans --no sales, no earnings and nothing to support the peso (or Christina's government, heh heh.)

3) As I recall, Stalin handled this by sending the Army to collect the crops.

4) Earlier, Lenin had handled the problem with more moderate measures:

5) That's the problem --no one knows how to run a real leftist government nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Hey, FerFAL. I thought you might have some comments on this: