Friday, October 3, 2014

Bush & Hurricane Katrina vs. Obama & Ebola‏

If Bush was “responsible” for the disaster in New Orleans with Katrina, does that mean Obama is responsible for the Ebola mess below (not to mention the EV68 virus currently killing or paralyzing a dozen kids, as it is just getting underway. A few details of the deaths are at http://www.flutrackers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=228280)?  Or – as always – does Obama get his usual hall pass  from the media (or, alternatively, get to blame this, too, on Bush?)
The first patient, Thomas E. Duncan, was allowed to travel freely into the U.S. from Liberia, despite, as we have learned, having hand-carried a convulsing 19-year-old woman to an Ebola clinic in Monrovia — a woman who died from the disease the next day. And despite being told two times that Duncan had been to Liberia, hospital workers sent him home with antibiotics. Home to a residence with three children. Children who then went to school. But it’s worse. Much worse. Duncan traveled through Dulles International Airport, where he had a layover of nearly three hours, and then to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. We were initially told that 12 to 18 people — now including a total of five children who went to four different schools — had come into contact with Duncan after he had become symptomatic. By the next day, that list had expanded to a total of 80 to 100. 
Truth be told, no superbugs, bacterial serial killers or monster maladies can touch the records set by humanity itself. Stalin, Mao and Hitler needed about 50 years to murder somewhere between 75 million to 150 million people. The multiple diseases that shared the “Black Plague” nom de maladie — mostly bubonic and pneumonic plague — needed 3,000 years to rack up similar numbers
Less than a month after Obama called Ebola’s American travel plans “unlikely,” A man named Thomas Eric Duncan, who boarded the first leg of his trip in the Ebola-ravaged country of Liberia, managed to carry what amounts to a biological weapon through an international air travel security network designed to keep people from carrying any weapons anywhere. Let me rephrase that. Duncan, who got his passport, secured a travel visa, bought a ticket and boarded multiple flights, walked off the plane in Dallas with Ebola in his carry-on.  Meanwhile, not far south of Duncan, there are people who pretty much base their existence on getting here without so much as a consideration for laws of the United States. Some of those people intend to do a lot more than just ignore our laws. In fact, according to the government’s own security intel, some of them are members of the Islamofascist terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL or “guys who would just love to send a bunch of human dirty bombs into every booming metropolis and small town from sea to shining sea.”) Considering Obama’s current immigration policy basically entails showing even wanted murderers from our southerly neighbors to their new, taxpayer-funded accommodations, I wonder if any ISIS psychos have traded in their suicide-bomb vests for a quick shot of Ebola and a ticket to Mexico City.
Excerpted from http://personalliberty.com/ebola-world-tour-stops-u-s/


Don Williams said...

1) My understanding is that Ebola is not that contagious at present You need physical contact with the body fluids of a carrier who is obviously sick to acquire it -- although that can include having a sick person cough or sneeze on you. However, there is speculation/concern that Ebola could mutate into a more contagious form spread by the air.

2) I don't think Al Qaeda suicide martyrs infecting themselves with Ebola is a very plausible tactic -- there are far more effective ways of killing people. Re germs, bubonic plague exists in a reservoir of prairie dogs in the American Southwest and anthrax spores can be found along the old cattle trails.

3) What IS a plausible tactic would be for a terrorist group to smuggle in a vial of Ebola (assuming it can be preserved for several days in a vial of blood,etc). If Ebola could be put in a liquid culture and such culture sprayed on restaurant salad bars , food buffets etc then it might be possible to infect a much larger number of people. Anything over 20 deaths -- especially if geographically dispersed and of unexplainable origin --could spark a panic and hit the US stock market.

Don Williams said...

Besides, the US Army knows how to win the war on Ebola: