Friday, October 10, 2014

Relocating because of ISIS and other Terrorist Threats

 Hi Ferfal,

I've been a follower of your blog since 2009 (i think). I am getting concerned about ISIS, with their threat to Americans. I am in New Mexico on the border of Juarez/Las Cruces. I plan to get my five kids passports next week and regardless of ISIS, I'd like to make preparations to relocate if needed. Is China a good place to go? Seems like noone is bothering them....where is a safe place to relocate right now? Seems like things are changing all the time in all the different nations. It's hard to know where would be safe should things go south quickly...your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. if you decide to post this on your blog, Will you shoot me back an email and let me know when you do? thanks so much! 
- Michelle

Hello Michelle,
First of all, it’s a great idea to get passports for everyone. People often forget about them, but they are one of the most important tools to have. Even if you’re not planning on moving or traveling, you should have a passport. If there’s ever an emergency and you are forced to move or evacuate abroad, a passport can make all the difference in the world. People wont have enough time to get one in short notice during a wide spread disaster.
About your concerns regarding problems along the border I suggest taking a good look within your State. Moving to a safer location with New Mexico seems like the best option. If you want more of a change you may look at moving to some other State based on your personal circumstances and what’s important to you. These are the kind of topics that I’ve addressed in “Bugging Out and Relocation”, where I include charts and data for each State so as to see what works best for you . Personal circumstances will dictate to a great extent what works best for each individual or family group. A retired couple may worry more about cost of living and healthcare, while a family with young kids will be concerned more about education, cost of living and safety.
Regarding terrorist threats, I understand it is a concern but I don’t think that the possibility of terrorist attacks alone should be enough to move out of the country. Terrorist attacks sure have happened before in USA and I believe they will continue, but rather than moving abroad because of it, it should be enough to avoid the main and better known metropolis and capital cities, which are likely to get hit in the first place. Not living in a massive and well known landmark city should be enough to significantly reduce the risk of terror threats.
If you’d like to listen to more about this topic, please check the video below. 



Steve said...

I think ISIS is a publicity stunt.
Remember when Saddamm was throwing babies out of incuabtors and there was no video. They have learned from that that now they must have blood.

Augustine said...

If for a good reason one decides to relocate, keep in mind that, since the US are a central economy, when it gets bad here, the rest of the world will be mostly in a zombie apocalypse. Sure, some islands of peace will remain, just like in America itself, but unlikely in countries with a history of conflicts. People don't hear much about China, but violent protests take place often in peripheral cities and news are suppressed by the Party, though a few escape the censors claws to the Internet. Additionally, a country with a tradition of xenophobia and with such a different culture and language from one's own is a sure recipe for a miserable life.