Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deal Alert: Kershaw BlackWash Series

Kershaw 1303BW Manifold Folding Knife with SpeedSafe

Every now and then a knife comes out that provides outstanding value. The Cold Steel Bowie machete at 15 Usd was such a knife. So was the Spyderco Tenacious and the Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival I reviewed some time ago. (Updated review coming up soon)
Now, Kershaw has recently released three high value knifes in their BlackWash series. The Design and esthetics are what you can come to expect from other knives of the same company but with an extra zero on the price tag. That black-oxide BlackWash finish looks great on all three models, each with their own character.
These’s knives are currently selling in Amazon at around 20 usd. Expect the prices to go up as soon as the videos and reviews start rolling. The price should really be around 30 usd. I already placed my order, will do the reviews as soon as possible.
If you’re looking to get a solid small/medium EDC blade that gets the job done seriously consider one of these three for 20 bucks while you can.



cryingfreeman said...

Nice knife, Fer! We'll have to meet up some day for some gaucho style knife fight training - maybe we'll leave the wives and kids at home that day.

Anonymous said...

I was all set to buy that Schrade Extreme survival. 1095 carbon blade and stout. But when I inspected in hand, I think its TOO STOUT for general camp. Very similar to the BKT Campanion, just a bit longer and less wider blade. But for a one and only knife - definitely a contender.

I'll check out those Kershaws, thanks for the heads up.

kelfa23 said...

Looks cool, I just ordered one. I thought you couldn't have locking knives in the U.K.?

TheModernSurvivalist said...

Hi Cryingfreeman! Hope you're doing well my friend. Yes, we've got to make time and meet up, hope the family is doing well. Take care and see you soon!

TheModernSurvivalist said...

Hi Kelfa,
You can have locking blade knives without a problem, but for carrying a locking folder or a fixed blade you need "good reason", that good reason should be good enough in case you have to explain it to the police. In general, work related tasks for which you require that tool (butcher,handyman work, etc) or a lawful activity such as camping, bushcraft, fishing, are generally considered acceptable "good reasons".

TheModernSurvivalist said...

Hi Anon, the SCHF9 is a beast for a 6" knife. It is a bit thick, but then again for a survival knife you want that "sharpened prybar" type of utilty. Not that good for fine cutting, but great for prying, chopping and gral. scrappign.