Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fed Up Documentary

"and they are feeding it to your kids as such", I would add.
This is a documentary you just have to watch. Nothing else even comes close to directly affecting both your survival and your quality of life, even your liberty, as much as the topics covered in this film.
Anyone with some common sense knows that most of the so called food grocery stores sell is plain garbage full of salt, fat and most of all, sugar but its amazing to see the pure evil behind the food industry. The food industry owns everything from the food that makes you sick to the politicians you supposedly elect. What’s even scarier, these global conglomerates don’t just run the food industry, they work along with (and many times own) the pharmaceutical industry, and the media in one sick vicious circle.
It was particularly interesting to see Michelle Obama’s change of attitude, from “lets stop eating junk” to “lets Move!”, as if moving ever made a fat kid lose any significant amount of weight compared to eating well. Of course, the bosses didn’t allow the first kind of attitude.
Fed Up is available on Amazon Insant Video and DVD. It's probably available elsewhere too, look it up. Do yourself and your family a big favor and watch this movie.

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Anonymous said...

Is there really some diet or some way to eat that is nead and shoulders more healthy than any other diet and all or most of the intelligent people agree on? No! If you get into a discussion about a "healthy diet" with two or more people they will all disagree. There simply isn't the one healthy diet or for that matter two or three healthy diets. All there is are people with their own biases.
Is there evidence that the "bad" diets are actually bad? No again. It might be easy to blame obesity on the bad Western diets but in fact most of the people who eat it aren't obese, aren't unhealthy and live long healthy lives. There is simply no evidence to support the bias in either extreme (good vs bad). Will fast food kill you? Obviously not or we would all or most all be dropping dead.
Once you figure out that everyone has an opinion about food and they all point in different directions you can free yourself from these fools and eat what you want to.

Anonymous said...

It must be a North American thing to have schools play such an important part in your diet. In Australia 20+ years ago I brought my own lunch to school every day. i fyou bought it there, it was the quality and variety of what you'de get in your average sandwich shop/lunchtime food supplier out in the public.I'd have to check if its changed now, but the concept that you dont bring your own lunch is really odd to me. And, of course, problem solved. If you bring it from home then you cant blame the government for it.

That said, are there 'bad' diets, as per previous commenter? Of course there are, what is he going on about! You can buy all the raw, fresh ingredients you like, but if you're eating 4000+ calories a day of cream, sugar, butter, extra salt, etc etc then thats not a 'good' diet. A bit of everything is OK, too much out of balance is bad for you.

Anonymous said...

If you are eating 4000+ calories of raw fresh ingredients then that's not a 'good' diet.
But your last comment is exactly correct; eat a varied diet neither leaving out food items or concentrating on items and your diet will be good. But most fad diets don't do that. Most fad diets are matters of bias and not science.

Most schools in the U.S. have a cafeteria where the students can buy food or something to drink if they bring their lunch. If you really want to understnad what is going on about school lunches what you need to understand is that "welfare" has invaded school lunches. Today a student on welfare can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at school. And when schools are closed during the summer break they will still serve meals to these same welfare students. So the government first intruded into school lunches/meals then decided to exert control over them.

Cream, sugar, butter and extra salt won't harm you unless you have an allergy or someo other genetic disease that is affected by them. It is silly to be afraid of butter or salt. In a normal healthy person excess salt is urinated out. The real problem with salt is if you do not get enough or if you have a health condition that allows your body to retain salt. Fat, starch, colorants and flavors won't hurt you either. You are free to choose what you eat but not free to make up lies about what others chose to eat.

Anonymous said...

99% of weight control is calories in versus calories out. Nothing more and nothing less. If you could eat 4,000 calories of lettuce a day guess what? You're going to be fat. If you eat 1800 calories in pizza each day you can lose weight.