Monday, September 14, 2009

Book and Censorship in Argentina with the new “Media Law”

Hi guys,
The previous Lulu code expired and I just updated it. Apparently they have one kind of code or another every month, usually for a 10% discount.
I’m also using Amazon’s print on demand service called “Create a Space” which may offer a better shipping service, as well as Amazon storefront.

So now there’s Lulu, Create a Space and Amazon.
Hopefully this will give you guys more alternatives to choose from, since Lulu’s shipping seems to be a bit expensive.

I also wanted to thank everyone for your support and the excellent reviews. It’s great to have a real 5 star rating on Amazon. :-)
As petty as it may sound, many authors and publishers buy many copies of their own book and rate themselves with 5 starts to boost the ratings and sales. It feels wonderful when you can be proud of the result of your work and it also reflects on sales and people’s feedback.

We’re going through another … “interesting” period here in Argentina, 48hs away from (most likely) having a law approved that will give the K government direct power to censor TV and Radio, a new law called “Media Law”(Ley de Medios).

This is going on as I write this and I’m not sure if its already being mentioned, but we are 2 days away from becoming Venezuela.
Some journalists talked about bribes of 1 million dollars for each representative to approve it. Its terrible.
Supposedly it will get approved but there’s always hope.
Take care folks, and thank you all.

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre


Anonymous said...

Time to get out. Too bad the US is following you guys down the drain...what's it take to become Swiss?

Bones said...

It's depressing to see another democracy bite the dust. Looks like the Chavez method of subverting ademocracy into dictatorship is turning into an export. Obama has said nothing which is the same as giving tacit support. The US apparently no longer supports the existence of a free press.

Unknown said...

I just picked up your book from Lulu and even though I am not a rich fellow (I am a backpacking guide in Arizona), I would have paid twice the shipping rate! I read about 100 pages the first day and could not put the book down. I think this is a valuable book for everyone to read, especially with the crisis that is unfolding in America today. I have been following your blog for quite some time, but having this information all in one handy manual is invaluable. Thanks so much for putting all of your knowledge down in print and here's to hoping we never need to use it (but it is great to know I am prepared!). Good Job! I highly recommend everyone picks up a copy today!

Shambhala said...

I disagree with just leaving. It smells of defeat. Though I have lived in the USA for most of my life, many in my family remain in Central America, and do what they can to resist the left-wing.

It would be much easier to just leave, but it's their homeland.

recon said...

Here are some articles on this, however none say the result. This one by WSJ seems to coincide with ferfal's post, and this one seems to favor lady k. I guess they don't realize that 'monopoly' would save subscribers money.

does the law say anything about internet censorship? i know the iranian government has really started stepping up internet censorship and monitoring.

Anonymous said...

This just in: It's been approved.

Apparently there were some significant changes.