Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Rabbit" starvation

I'd like to help those who worry about "rabbit" starvation. Rabbit is a great protein source. Stock up on stuff to fry it. Margarine, grease, lard. We need two essential fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic. Lard profides it as does other fats. If you can't stock fats or procure them it'll be tough going. While you're at it stock a large bottle of a simple multiple vitamin.
Physician in Colorado

Thanks for the tip :-)



Anonymous said...

Probably not a good idea for the long run, but if you're in a pinch, Survivorman Les Stroud recommends eating the brain and eyes to get enough fat to keep you going.

Anonymous said...

I saw that episode as well, and he also recommend cracking open the bones and eating the marrow to get some fat. However it's good to remember to get variety in any diet to cover your bases!

Unknown said...

My Grandparents who were Midwestern dirt farmers during the Depression raised rabbits along with chickens to help feed a family with 5 children. Not only is it good meat but the hides can be turned into all kinds of stuff to keep you warm in the winter.

The Lord Humungus said...

the 'rabbit starvation' thing is real, but it really only applies to lean wild rabbits and if that is the ONLY thing you are eating. '

If you are raising rabbits in captivity, they will be much more fatty and you shouldn't have to worry. And, like others mentioned, you can supplement your diet with anything else that has fats in it.