Monday, September 28, 2009

Letter from CapnRick: Bullets Targeted

Venezuela Attempts Gun Control by Limiting Bullets

This article shows what first steps are put into place by leftist governments to stop people from defending themselves. My Uncle Ray always said that the most significant move could be the control over the production/sale of primers. All reloaders take heed... time to start stockpiling primers is near. Bullets are already hard to find and very expensive in the USA, severely impacting efforts to stockpile them.

For those reloaders who cast their own bullets, as I did... be careful with the fumes. Be serious about a facemask and ventilation, or you can end up with high blood levels of lead, antimony, mercury etc. I had to undergo 3 hour chelation treatments for 12 weeks due to breathing the melting linotype and wheel weight vapors with just a paper mask... very expensive.

ONE THING is very clear: if the government takes stringent steps to impact it's citizens ability to defend themselves, you can be certain that the government has plans to restrict liberty. Such as... free speech

... and property rights of citizens

Suerte -CapnRick

Thanks Rick for the heads up!
Bet several governments around the world have something similar in mind.



Anonymous said...

California is doing something similar, it's called A.B. 962. It already passed the legislature and will become law if the governor doesn't veto it by October 11.

DannyHSDad said...

California is on the verge of passing a law restricting ammo purchase AB 962. Up to the Governator to sign it or vetoes.

Don Williams said...

I think the widespread deployment of surveillance cameras here in the USA --partially paid for by $Billions in Homeland Security funding -- is also a bad thing. Plus not all of them are visible -- if you live in a urban or suburban area, you are probably taped several times a day without your knowledge.

It would be pretty easy to set up hidden cameras at the limited number of gun stores to record license plates. And to do the same at the limited number of gun ranges open to the public. And to fix up a database of homes to be raided and searched some time in the future.

I'll never understand why the NRA leadership did nothing to slow the headlong rush to the Homeland Security police state in the Bush Administration.