Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Flu preparations

I was at the drugstore buying stuff to prepare for the bad A Flu season
that's coming, stuff like hand sanitizer and masks, and the cashier asks
what I need all this stuff for. I told her about the bad swine flu
season, and she says "So 3 people will die instead of 2?" So I explain
to her how thousands died in Argentina, and how it's expected to do the
same here, and she shrugs and says "I don't know, I just trust Jesus"
and giggles.

You see, these are the type of people we need to look out for. By the
time she sees her friends dying of A flu, and realizes that Jesus isn't
going to ride by on a unicorn to save her, she'll think that maybe it's
a good idea to prepare. About that time is when EVERYBODY ELSE will
think so too, and they will mob the drugstores trying to get supplies.
But there won't be any supplies.

Maybe then people will realize why the hospitals said not to come to the
hospital if you get the flu, and why there are no visitors allowed at
the hospitals, and how these measures were announced way back in
September when nobody was noticing, and how there was a steady stream of
government officials saying there was no need to worry, and how people
believed the government instead of the evidence.

The fact is, the government here IS preparing for thousands if not
millions of deaths, and they are trying to keep it a secret until it's
too late. I guarantee you the politicians are stocking up. There's also
a lack of hype surrounding the A flu here, unlike bird flu when the
media was on full panic mode. They know this is the real deal.

In other news, a local newspaper announced in their paper edition-but
not online-that California's unemployment rate of working age adults has
reached "2 in 5", while not giving a percentage. Do the math: that's a
40 percent unemployment rate! That's Depression levels of unemployment.
And it is soaring higher every day. By the time it reaches 60 percent,
society will start to come apart at the seams. So many people will be so
hungry that they will simply steal food, and the police won't be able to
stop them. Then it will be SHTF time.

Resignation is almost as good as denial.:-)
Funny you mention it, many people here have a similar stance on crime and insecurity. They’ll call it fate, meant to be.
“It will be whatever God wants it to be”, they’ll say. That’s correct but I’ll be damned if God expects us to sit around and just do nothing to change our reality. And the fact remains that the more steps and measures you take to achieve anything, including your own safety, it improves your odds significantly.
Washing hands often, avoiding contact (preferably staying home during the worst of the season) and wearing a respirator if going to crowded places improves your odds a lot.
But I guess the clerk was right, 3 instead of 2 easily translates into 3000 instead of 2000 dead. For some of us 1000 dead people is no joke.
For whatever its worth, apparently people in USA aren’t experimenting many of the symptoms seen here. Here people have described it as an unusually tough flu, while in America a lot of people apparently experienced it as a rather mild flu.
Still, the supplies can com in handy in a variety of situations, and flu isn’t the only disease around either, here Hepatitis, Chagas and Dengue are no joke.
Anyway, good to know you’re preparing. ;-)

“But there won't be any supplies.”

You got that right. You don’t know what will happen, but I guarantee you this: If the flu gets worse than expected and there’s even the slightest mention of it on the news, the slightest comment that it may be worse than expected, every store will run dry of respirators, face masks and alcohol gel within hours.

A Flu in Argentina-Ezeiza International Airport, Buenos Aires

“The fact is, the government here IS preparing for thousands if not
millions of deaths, and they are trying to keep it a secret until it's
too late. I guarantee you the politicians are stocking up. There's also
a lack of hype surrounding the A flu here, unlike bird flu when the
media was on full panic mode. They know this is the real deal.”

Oh you should have seen the politicians here, kissing (perfectly healthy, no doubt) kids in hospitals, a high ranking politician saying he had A flu but did alright. Of course they were given Tamiflu right away, while the poor average Joe sucker was sent home with an aspirin. Heck it took weeks for A flu to be diagnosed at first, what good was Tamiflu going to do you after a month? It only does you any good if taken within 24-48 hours.

That is very high unemployment, and it worries me the kind of president you guys have.
I fear he’s the typical charismatic leader the crowd loves. … and yet charisma wont fix things.

It’s like watching someone climbing a ladder on fire: The guy keeps climbing instead of jumping and simply breaking a bone, he tried to escape the fire by going even higher, not knowing that when the ladder unavoidably collapses the damage will be worse.

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre


Anonymous said...

Home invasions: Are they usually rich people who are victimized? Do they happen in the best neighborhoods? Or just everywhere?

Anonymous said...

Your chances of getting the whatever nasty virus is floating around increases DRASTICALLY if you take the vaccine for it. Read Eleanor McBean's book classic Poisoned Needle, she was medical staff during the spanish flu of 1918, the only people who got it were the ones who were vaccinated against it. I don't know what the evil intent is behind deliberately killing people this way. Why do put mercury in corn syrup in people's food? why put Floride and other nasty chemicals in people's drinking water? I don't know why, the elites are crazy. It only makes sense when you come to terms with the fact that they want your butt dead, or at least hooked up to their medical-profit machine.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2: the REALLY weird thing is, should you attempt to take your own life, you will be forcibly imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital, at least in the US, and forced to take "medicines" that will make you even sicker, then released under threat of being reinterred if you do not keep taking the medicine that is now making you wish you were dead all the more. It's almost as if they get pleasure out of killing people, so much pleasure that they consider it a personal affront should you wish to do it yourself.

The only thing I can come up with is that they're all psychopaths. That in turn raises the question, well is psychopathy the natural state of human beings and are the non-psychopaths antelopes before lions? I certainly concluded so. I deliberately set out to make myself a psychopath, which is not recommended, especially if your brain is still developing, because it just might work. Since YOU aren't a member of the elite, you will then need to take medicine to be allowed back into society.

Shambhala said...

Your chances of getting the whatever nasty virus is floating around increases DRASTICALLY if you take the vaccine for it.

Fernando you shouldn't let these anti-vaccine nutcases comment. This is a ridiculous statement, unworthy to be discussed on this blog.

FerFAL said...

Hi Shambhala, I agree with you regarding vaccines and I strongly disagree with these fears regarding them.
People know that in countries were lots of lives could have been saved with vaccines, but people were too poor to afford them.
Vaccines are one of the main reasons why we have such over population and such little child death rates, compared to pre industrial revolution times.
Are they all equally important? Dont think so, but I’ve got 2x more vaccines on me than most people in US, so does my wife and kids, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
We talk to our pediatrician, do our own research, and decide which ones are worth taking. I encourage everyone to do the same.
Dont doubt that; Vaccines can and do indeed save thousands of lives.

Freedom goes both ways, so as long as comments are made in a civil matter I publish them.
I only erase spam, racist remarks, comments promoting illegal activities or insane absurdities (insults or trolling) or posts specifically made to piss me off and/or waste my time.


Joseph said...

Earlier this year, with the first flu scare, you could not find hand sanitizer or spray disenfectant on store shelves at all. Since then, I have been slowly stocking up on it, because I knew that when school started again the flu would spread much more quickly.
"Amazingly" enough, there seems to be a lot less media coverage this time around.

Oh, and "Anonymous"...cite your sources. The elites don't want people dead, by the way, just controlled. Dead serfs can't work and don't pay taxes.

stunt said...

I live in north florida and a nurse friend said there had already been a couple deaths in her hospital due to swine flu. i didn't personally see them but it's surprising to me that the flu isnt bigger in the papers.

George Donnelly said...

A healthy skepticism of vaccines seems shrewd to me. Wasn't it the very swine flu vaccine in the 70's that killed a bunch of people?

Don Williams said...

1) One reason why you may see the US News Media playing down the impact of Swine Flu is that we are in a very delicate time in so far as the economy is concerned. The government has pumped $Trillions into bailouts and stimulus spending --yet we are still treading water.

2) Stock market crashes tend to happen in Sept-October --and the last thing the government wants is a sellout starting due to people becoming worried about the loss of corporate profits due to swine flu (lost time, contract delays because essential personnel are ill,etc.) Only takes a little snowball to cause an avalanche.

3) The US government has issued almost $22 TRILLION in UNFUNDED loans and guarantees for banking obligations to stave off panic.

There are gambling addicts who are more risk adverse. If this bet goes bad, you better find a deep hole to hide in.

Bones said...

Conspiracy theorists do not listen to reason. Vaccines are used because the likelihood of problems from the vaccine is lower than the likelihood of problems from the disease. This does not mean the vaccine is always completely safe, just that the odds are in your favor.

My cousin contracted polio from a vaccine - one of the last cases in the US. They used to use a weakened (live) virus vaccine, but have since switched to a killed virus vaccine because a small % of people did contract the disease from the old vaccine. Pure bad luck for my cousin.

If there's a conspiracy, it's the biggest one in the world involving every doctor and everyone involved in vaccine research/production.

The other, simpler and more rational explanation is that there is no conspiracy except in the minds of a few nut cases.

Every medicine has side effects and none are completely safe. Even aspirin can be dangerous to some people. WATER has a lethal dose. Common sense is the best approach.

Anonymous said...

Stunt, there has apparently been a steady drip of swine flu deaths all summer, from what I can determine. I fully expect the drip to become a flood by November or December. Then panic will set in. Usually there are zero flu deaths in the summer.

I read that they are limiting the vaccine to health care workers. Of course the powerful will get it too. The rest of us are on our own. I noticed that at the drugstore I was at-a CVS at the Pacific Street Y in Stockton-they were almost out of hand sanitizer already. That's a poor neighborhood, but even there people seem to be aware that it's coming. I also picked up a bottle of Vitamin D on the advice of posters here who said it might be helpful. I will take it and see if it helps, come November.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and "Anonymous"...cite your sources. The elites don't want people dead, by the way, just controlled. Dead serfs can't work and don't pay taxes."

All the sources you could possibly need and much more here:

And ferfal, I hope you stop taking those vaccines, you are injecting yourself with mercury. If you don't know what thimerosal and squalene is, you better find out. You are pretty important presence and it would be the height of irony for you to do yourself in this way. I used to think like you until I did the research.

Morpheus said...

I would like to express it first, that onto how much i like it your blog and your posts.
According to my sight the swine flu virus generated artificially. A lady sues in Austria, it can prove it with data that it was developed in a laboratory.
I do not allow the vaccination sure on the other hand to give in, a unknown substance examined with dubious tests? NEVER.
To hear many strange things (the implant of a chip, conscious genocide).
Would I like to ask whether I may translate your entries onto a Hungarian language, into my own blog on the other hand?
Of course with the indication of the source.

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous 9/6/09 6:30pm, here in California, a lot of property crime is poor-on-poor. Criminals tend to be poor or else to live in poor neighborhoods where they can recruit poor, desperate people. They don't travel far for stuff to rip off if they can get it nearby. Middle class neighborhoods near poor neighborhoods are at risk, too. Then they target upper middle class, where security won't be too tight but there's quality stuff to steal, especially if there are signs - nice cars, nice jewelry, high-end electronics visible from outside.

The home invasions reported in the local paper tend to be criminal-on-criminal crimes, or crimes where one person connects the victim and attacker (somebody's sister's boyfriend knows here brother keeps money in the house and tells his friends, for example), or attacks on the elderly who are "weak" victims. We had a terrifying crime where a home invasion happened during the day and the attackers were specifically looking for the victim's husband's guns. In California, gun carry permits are apparently public information. There are web sites that list concealed carry permit holders, including home address and occupation, claiming that publicizing who owns a gun ensures that permits will be issued fairly.

The flip side is that a criminal can go online and look up where he can steal a gun.

Anonymous said...

On California unemployment... There are no valid numbers. The government understates unemployment. Some organizations try to estimate it, and estimate high. Others estimate low. Depends on the political purpose of the purpose gathering data.

The illegal immigrants are often the first to lose their jobs, just because they do privately employed labor that is a luxury in tough times. They are not counted in official figures, but they have a high rate of unemployment. On the flip side, aspiring actresses and college students are usually unemployed in tough times - but they weren't really part of the work force, anyway. Then we have people in prison, welfare recipients, and senior citizens - they are unemployed, but that is to be expected.

If you try to compare today's unemployment against Great Depression unemployment, it's not comparable. We had different expectations about women and children working in those days. Men who were jobless in the GD could survive 18 months today on unemployment. Do you count the disabled as unemployed? In GD, they'd be starving, but, today, they recieve a pension.

I have tried to guage "real" unemployment for my own education, and I would wager it is closer to 20-25% of willing, able working age adults in CA. The official "broadest" measure of unemployment is around 16% and that doesn't count illegal immigrants:

Look for U-6 unemployment rates for the government's best data, but keep in mind that 1) they aren't counting everybody and 2) there are a lot of people ineligible or unwilling to work who aren't counted. Unemployment is a security risk because it makes people desperate and it gives them lots of free time to cause problems.