Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GTA preparedness course launched

Luke just told me everything is ready so we’re launching the Grab the Apple Preparedness course today.
The GTA preparedness course consists of weekly videos (by yours truly :-) ) covering the most important aspects of preparedness, of course heavily oriented on the economic crisis scenario.
This means we wont be starting fires with sticks or building shelters with camel poop, but focusing on honest information regarding what you need to know to deal with troubled times better.
The guy you’ll first see on the intro is Luke, co-owner of GTA and buddy that handles all the behind the scenes tech stuff. I look a bit more like a Sociopath and my Englsih isn't nearly as good.
Entering your name and email sends you to another video by Luke where he talks about some common preparedness mistakes.

This is a paying site, $27/month or $17/month if you use the following code: FerFALvip (no spaces, and not case sensitive) Then click on “validate”.
If you don’t like what you see, you can cancel at any time and I believe the first 2 weeks are free. Meaning if you cancel within the first couple of weeks the only thing that will be charged is the free CD (45 minute audio CD I made), I thinks its 6 dollars or so.

Here’s the link and that’s Luke, he explains all this better:
Take care and hope you like it.
Feel free to leave comments either here or on the GTA forum, or email either one of us.

See you guys later.


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