Tuesday, March 29, 2011

EDC Bag Size?

I watched your video on the EDC bag and had a question. I found the
bag on The North Face web site and it comes in x-small, small, medium,
and large. Which is the size you show in your video? BTW, I bought
your book off Amazon.com and really enjoyed it. Have been following
your blog and Facebook pages.
Hi Steve, the one I have is the Small one. Red may be better suited for an emergecny kit rather than an everyday carry bag.
The North Face Base Camp Messenger Bag Black Small
The North Face Base Camp Messenger Bag Black Small
I sometimes find myself needing a bit more space. In that case a medium or large one would be better.

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hsu said...

I commuted with a messenger style shoulder bag for many years, and I would say, smaller is better.

Just big enough that it cannot be mistaken for a purse is the right size. The more you carry it daily, the more you value items that are smaller and lighter.

My favorite size was around 750 cu-in (about 12 liters), which is halfway between the small and the medium Northface messenger bag that Ferfal reviewed.

To combat those times when I needed more room, I always had a carabiner on me, so I could move stuff like my water bottle and umbrella to the outside of the bag, to create more interior space.

Another tip is to get the most comfortable shoulder pad you can, even if you have to sew your own. I modified a padded guitar strap as my shoulder pad, and it was a day and night difference.

RR said...

Why not just carry a backpack? I currently carry a fanny pack that is bulging at the seams. I need something bigger. That Northface bag seems more awkward to carry than a backpack.

Anonymous said...

I thought I posted this. I just bought it, has much to reco over the north Face, IMHO, and same price/cheaper here.