Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Sponsor and Announcements

Guys, I’d like to welcome our latest advertiser, EDC Depot to the blog.
EDC Depot sells all sorts of every day carry gear. They are well known to those that frequent gear and EDC forums. I’ve known about them for some time and it’s a real pleasure to have them as sponsors.
Its thanks to you, the loyal reader, and the sponsors that this blog is possible and constantly growing, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

There’s new additions to the FAQ section in The Modern Survivalist. Some questions are recurrent and this will make answering emails much easier.(    1) No, its not a good idea to move to Argentina. At last not for 90% of the people.  2) Living here will cost you 4x what the guy selling you real estate in South America promised over his dead mother's grave! He's selling you real estate, remember? What did you expect? The truth?  ;-)  )

Also, I want to remind everyone about the Modern Survivalist Forum, where each post posted in the blog is turned into a new thread. This way people can comment and discus like they sometimes do in the comments section but now with much more freedom.
The Modern Survivalist Youtube Channel is up, now that I’m back form my vacations there will be new videos every week covering everything from gear reviews, inflation, survival and preparedness reflections, mindset, and the broad spectrum of topics usually covered in the blog. 
What's up with having two exact same blogs? Seems that some people prefer the old blogspot format, while others (seems younger folks, more twitter and facebook savvy) prefer the new one, The Modern Survivalist. That's why I'll keep both up, at least for some time. 
Also, it gives me a plan B (I'm serious about always having one) in case there's problems with either ones of the website hosts. 
Take care everyone, enjoy your Sunday!



Anonymous said...

Glad you are keeping the old blog format up. I guess I'm one of the "old guys" (38) who like the original.

Plus, you're right: It's a great idea to have a backup!

-Scott in Tennessee

FerFAL said...

Hi Scott, still owe you that writeup. ;-)
As everything new it gets some getting used to but I like that it has the forum threads automatically created and can link it nicely with the youtube videos, showing the new ones on the right column in a neat manner.