Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Safecastle Freedom Awards": Survival Contest with $12.000 in prizes!

Our sponsor Safecastle over at www.prepared.pro  is organizing a contest.

"I'm pleased to announce the 2011 Safecastle Freedom Awards--a program in which we will provide the talented, deserving winners with some of the greatest preparedness-related prizes in the survival realm!" said Vic Rantala, owner of Safecastle.

Basically its about submitting survival and preparedness videos (6 minutes) and  non-fiction articles (1500) to me, and in turn I submit them to Vic. The contest lasts all 2011 so you have lots of time to work on those articles or videos. You can submit as many as you want, but remember about quality over quantity. Also important, you must submit them to only one blog or website, so chose carefully who you end up sending your work to. That website has to pick its own finalists to send to Vic over at Safecastle.

Here’s the link with the details. http://safecastle.blogspot.com/2011/02/2011-safecastle-freedom-awards-new.html

Participants must be in continental USA so I can’t take a shot at it, ;-) but I can help oyu guys out.  Anyway, here’s some friendly advice:
1) As Vic says, keep it clean, simple an family oriented.
2)Quality over quantity. You’ve got all year so take advantage of the time you have. You can easily submit 3 or 4 quality pieces if you start now.
3)I’d chose the topic carefully: I´m guessing relevant topics to the times we live in would have extra appeal.
4) I can’t participate myself but I can help out. If you’d like to share ideas, ask questions regarding the topic you’re choosing and such, send me an email.  I’ll give you my opinion regarding your work and if I think its going in the right direction.
Take advantage of this opportunity!
Take care folks and have fun.


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Bro. Brandon B. said...

Your link was broken, here it is:

I'm looking forward to this! As much fun as it should be to participate, I also think it'll be fun to see what other people do!