Saturday, March 26, 2011

MTE M2 5-Mode Focusable Flashlight by Greg Mcgee

Review of antoher MTE flashlight from Greg Mcgee Engineering.
This is the M2 5 mode Focusable Model that uses 18650 rechargable batteries. This same light comes in a version that uses 3xAAA batteries. This is supposed to be a  170 lumen light, but  its clearly not since its obviously brighter than 200 lumen flashlights. Greg told me that he preffers to underrate his flashlights. Anyway, you’re pleasantly surprised when you turn it on and its much brighter than you expected.
The bezel moves back and forth going from flood to throw. In full throw mode, it will throw further away than none focusable 1000 lumen flashlights, while on an intermediate or full flood position and in a medium or low mode its a good general purpose lights. I find Greg “batman beacon” to be accurate, it clearly generates a distinctibe concentrated “beam” of light.  If your property is surrounded by outdoors  or you see the need of having a light that really reaches across significant distances, then this one will work nicely.
It comes in both q5 and R5 (+$8,00) The light with the Q5 LED costs $28,95, but I’d get the R5 version. Not only because its a newer, brighter and more powerful Cree LED, but also because the emitter is round, while the Q5 is square, and when on full forward position (maxium concentration of the beam) you see the square shape of the LED. Not a big deal but I like it better if its round like the R5.
As always remember there are MTE flashlights  elseware but you only know you’re getting original MTE flashlights when buying directly from the MTE-USA brand owner, Greg McGee.

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Bones said...

These lights look great and reasonably priced. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Not only reasonably priced and looking great...
the customer support (Greg) is just as good as his products...which is excellent!

Lorraine Roth said...

Very nice light for the price ! I will be getting one. Thanks for the tip.