Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cold Steel Machete 12" Bowie: Its Back!

 A few years ago Cold Steel offered the 12” Bowie Machete and back in the day it was the best deal in terms of big survival knives. It was solid, proven blade shape made of no-nonsense 1055 steel.

As good as it was the offer didn’t last, and while I told everyone that would listen to grab one or two while they were offered soon enough Cold Steel stopped producing it. Now, the 12” Bowie machete is back, and there no better sub $20 knife (including sheath). If you don’t have a knife, or if you don’t have a bigger survival knife, get one of these before price goes up or production stops.

  Cold Steel Machete 12" Bowie W/Sh  $18.95



Anonymous said...

I bought one upon your recommendations some years back and really like it - its in my truck, ready to clear brush when we go out to the ranch. The nice thing about this particular machete - you can adjust the cord in handle end to slip over to your elbow and choke up on the tip enough to use as a knife. I've cleaned out small game and birds (no fish - THAT may be a challenge)like this and it works pretty well. Other machetes - not so much, though practice does wonders.

One modification - I drilled a 1/4" hole below the end of top clip, so that I could insert a branch to form a draw knife. You can also bear down from the top down to make deeper cuts if you like.

This is short enough to fit in a ruck sack / pack or inside a blanket roll for concealment - this is a good one. A lightweight bowie knife would be a good comparison.

My only complaint - the sheath could be better. The recent models I bought from Cold Steel (kukri and magnum kukri) both had LOUSY sheaths. The tools themselves were good though. I need to make a PVC pipe sheath for this one and its good to go.

Thanks again.

Lance said...

Cool. Thanks very much.

Lance said...

Just got mine. They are made in South Africa now. I'll be curious to see if they are better/worse/same. I need to look for the post on how you put a finer edge on these.

Unknown said...

Watch nutnfancy. He does a review on this knife. He got 2 and sent it in to get a razor edge ground on one of them.

Unknown said...

Watch the video review by nutnfancy, he bought 2 of them and sent one in to get a razor edge put on it. He says the name of where he sent it in but I forgot.