Sunday, June 16, 2013

Colt Defender Tactical Pen With LED Light

Even though Tactical Pens are all over the place these days I’m not much of a fan. They carry much of a stigma and could even get you in trouble in airports and other places where the security is tight, while not being that much different in terms of their use as an improvised defensive tool compared to any other pen of solid construction.
Having said that, I looked around for some time and decided to give the Colt Defender Tactical pen a try. I can say I’m pleasantly surprised by it. 


Rather than just a self-defense tool, which is usually how they are marketed the Colt Defender has features that could also come in hand during certain emergency scenarios.
Glass Breaker: The hard carbide tip would break glass with ease. I’m thinking of getting out of cars after accidents, escaping buildings due to threats, fire, shootings. The overall sturdiness of the pen means it can be used as a poking/prying/tearing tool too. Not ideal but better than nothing to break through wooden doors or dry walls. 


LED light: While not very powerful, its still a button battery LED light. It is bright enough to find your way around a building after a blackout. The LED is located in the clipped cap, so you could use it as a headlamp thanks to the clip if you have a baseball cap to go with it. 
DNA collector: DNA would be all over the pen, but on the end where you have the LED light you have a jagged crown around the emitter. Its not too sharp so as to cut through pockets and such, but if jammed against soft tissue (think bad guys face) it will cause lacerations. 
Aluminum Kubotan: The shape is somewhat similar to other tactical pens, tapered towards the ends. One end has the glass breaker carbide tip, the other will have the cap with the jagged DNA collector or the exposed tip of the pen. The aircraft grade aluminum construction is very solid.
Writing: And yes of course, it also writes. It uses a Parker refill, easy to find. The cap just clicks into place, which is MUCH more convenient for constant daily use than screw-on caps. The pen feels a bit heavy, but unless you write short novels or do lots of sketching its not something that will bother you.

In conclusion, I think it’s a nice solid pen that could do well in some of these roles that aren’t just limited to self-defense applications. It could also come in handy for breaking and some limited prying, as well as having a small LED which could be of great use if needed for someone that may not carry a flashlight at all times.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of suggestion by this guy called keating at at the warriortalk forums about knives.

It's called scriber, used by metal workers to etch on metal. Keating said it would serve well as a ice pick. Ideal for places you can't carry a knife.

steve thumb said...

The Pen reminds me of James Bond. I like the DNA feature and the way Energy Saving LED Light has been embedded into it. The multiple Uses surely makes the pen worth purchasing.