Monday, June 24, 2013

Otterbox Defender case & Spigen Ulta Crystal Screen Protector for Note 2

A smart phone is an incredibly useful piece of tech as long as it works. No matter how great a phone is, if it gets ruined just by dropping it, then its fragility becomes the clear weak link when things get a bit tougher.
I’ve been using an Otterbox defender case from the first day I got my iphone a few years ago.  Its been dropped, accidentally kicked and hit countless times and during it all it has kept working thanks to that case. 
When I upgraded and got a Galaxy Note 2, (loving it, review coming up soon!) I ordered the Otterbox Defender case for it that same day.

 Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Unlocked GSM International Version White $528.99
 The latest Otterbox Defender case is as tough as its predecessors. The rubber exterior  is harder than in the older models and smart, precise engineering has allowed it to keep the added bulk to a minimum while still providing the desired impact protection.
The clip has been improved as well, now offering better retention. It rotes 360ยบ and can be used as a stand. The clip is just wide enough to fit a shooter or riggers belt snuggly. 

 OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case and Holster for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 $34.29
 The only negative side is the built-in screen protector. Unlike previous models, it doesn’t leave any oily or water marks when installed which is fantastic, but the matte finish needed to achieve that reduces the definition in HD screens, looking a bit pixelled  and gritty, and some rainbow effects or lines can be detected when looking up close.

The solution to this problem is to remove the original Otterbox screen protector , just pops right off, and installing a traditional one. I highly recommend the Spigen sgp Ultra Crystal. It looks fantastic, no definition or sharpness lost, no weird lines. It protects the screen as well as the Otterbox built-in screen protector and the Otterbox Defender case can be installed with the Spigen screen protector in place. If you're not too picky, the Defender's built-in screen protector may not bother you, so its probably better to try the Defender case as it is and get the Spigen screen protector if you notice it and it bothers you.
My wife and I both have been using Otterbox Defender cases for years and I do recommend them higly.


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Farm.Dad said...

Do not trust the belt clip on the otterbox case and the gn2 . I have broken two in about 4 months or so , It seems to over torque the plastic ears on the spring loaded clip due to phone size . other than that i love the case .