Thursday, June 6, 2013

The One Must-have Addition to your Food Supply


Anonymous said...

As easy to buy on the supermarket products, they are great. But some money value products are protein powders, popular among culturists and fitness people.

You can get a perfectly isolated box with the most relevant nutrients of milk, while condensed milk is full of sugar.

Anonymous said...

How about Snickers Bars, Fritos and Muscle Milk for your big three?

Only alf joking as these three have a lot of fat and protein in them.

Why not substitue some sort of dried Whey/body builder drink instead of condensced milk? You can only get one/two meals off of the can, while the powdered stuff will get you several days worth.
You must have water to mix it though.

Canned nuts will go along way also, with lots of protein and fats in them.

I love the canned beef idea. Armour makes a pretty good stew, the competitors do not seem to be as good.

You could bundle a lot of beef jerkey and really conserve space and weight though.

Bisquik goes a long way also. You do need a fire,but you can wrap the Bisquik (after adding water) and wrap it around a stick and cook on an open fire.

You have a good start though, but I think you run out of food really fast. You do need some solid foods in order to keep the hunger pangs down.

Just thinking out loud on the subject.

Will England said...

Evaporated milk + dried milk makes it very palatable according to the Survival Mom blog...