Saturday, June 28, 2014

AED: The life Saving Device None of us Has

I’ve seen these in airports and hospitals, schools and malls. Even some gyms have them now. You probably don’t own an autoated external defibrillator (AED) and neither do I. At age 35 and in good health I don’t feel the need to rush into buying one. Hopefully by the time I’m 45 they will be a bit cheaper! But the simple matter is, an AED is most likely to save your life than any other "prep" item you own and that's just a fact yet how often do you read about it in survival articles? At a thousand bucks they sure are expensive, but most folks wont even blink about spending more in a couple guns and some ammo.

The #1 cause of death in America isn’t zombies but heart disease. You’re FAR more likely to drop dead because of a heart attack than to go out knee deep in spent brass, mowing down looters, UN thugs and bikers with an M60 machine gun while crying out “Come get some!!!!”

Then consider the following:
For every minute without CPR and defibrillation, the victim’s chance of survival decreases by 7-10%.
Preppers and survivalists typically live away from cities. Living away from cities means living away from emergency medical care in most cases. If it takes an ambulance 10-15 minutes to get there, chances are you’re a goner. An AED saving your life is FAR more likely that any gun, survival knife or other tool doing so but they cost a thoudand bucks, and most important, they just arent as cool as guns.
The AED is simple to use. It detects and only delivers shocks when required.



TampaMark said...

So if you are over weight, eat junk and get no exercise then definitely you must get one of these!

If you want to get rid of the chance of getting heart disease then it goes to diet and exercise. I'm 61 and eat a vey restricted diet with whole food supplements. I ride a bike most everywhere. The only time I have ever been in a hospital was last year for a kidney infection, quite common here in So. Central Florida. My heart was fine and now so are my kidneys.

cryingfreeman said...

Ferfal, you will be pleased to know that the portable defibrillator was invented by someone from Northern Ireland, Frank Pantridge:

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind an AED only works if your collapse is due to an arrhythmia.

An AED is of no value if there's a blockage (the most common cause in older adults) or the heart has simply stopped beating.

$1000+ can buy a lot of other survival supplies.

TheModernSurvivalist said...

Cryingfreeman, that's pretty interesting!
Anon, so increasing your chances of survival from 5% to 40% when it comes to surviving the #1 cause of death isnt worth $1000 to you?
A thousand bucks can buy a lot of stuff and it is a lot of money, but in most cases its stuff that has practically 0% of being needed that it gets spent in. I get it that an AED isnt cool and you cant brag about it but its hard to argue against the facts of what its for and the chance of it being needed compared to pretty much most other preps.

Anonymous said...

Although it might not work, you could instead spend $1000 on a personal trainer to take you out to exercise twice every week. And hope that creates a habit.

I'm not speaking personally, but for my mother who has high blood pressure, and will no doubt die of a heart attack. She's grossly obese and doesn't do any exercise. The latter being the most important if she wants to reduce her chances of having a heart attack and living longer.

Also it's interesting to note that in Australia ambulances don't have defibrillators. And this almost cost Rupert Murdoch the billionaire his life, after a heart attack. So what he did was buy a defibrillator for every ambulance in his state.

In anycase, after a certain age a defibrillator seems like a must. It's not like your going to die of old age if you had previous heart problems.