Monday, June 16, 2014

Entertainment Options After SHTF

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Anonymous said...

Your ideas concerning entertainment were good. We do not have TV out of choice. We do not miss it. In our increasingly deskilled society, most people do not know how to entertain themselves. In the "Little House" books, the author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, relates that in the winter her family entertained themselves after a long day of work through the father's fiddle playing, singing, board games,and conversation while filling the time with evening chores by the fire. The father cleaned his gun/making bullets or even repairing his boots, while the mother/girls knit, crocheted, sewed or patched clothing. Their schedule did, indeed, revolve around daylight hours. Fuel/light cost money.

When my children were little (we raised six), they were expected to take along (or when very young choose) their own entertainment, especially for long car rides.

They learned not to be bored at home either. They soon learned to find something to do that they wanted to to or they were going to be given extra chores. TV was not an option.

There is no reason to be bored. They followed our example with board games, books, and developing a skill base. Today, they are using the same model with their own children.

People are bored and want to be entertained rather than taking the opportunity to increase their skill base that will give greater satisfaction in life than watching a movie.

This reminds me of the video you posted of that very talented man from Cordoba that made that small gun. What skill! As a skilled tool and die maker, my husband was rather impressed with his skill especially considering the lack of quality of his tools. Now that's entertainment!