Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Amazing Home-made Gun

Caseras. Las escopetas "tumberas" que armaba la banda.
These were found today in Argentina, used to steal cars and sometimes sold to other criminals. Pretty simple really, two metal pipes, one slightly larger than the other. A cap with a striking pin is screwed or soldered to the bottom of the larger pipe. Put the cartridge or shotgun shell in one, and slam it to the bottom of the other to fire the gun. When the smaller diameter tube, holding the round of ammunition hits the bottom of the larger diameter tube, the gun fires. When using a shotshell there’s no rifling left, and of course the “gun” being a couple simple pipes its very easy to hide or dispose of.
Now, if you want to see an incredible gun made with scrap steel, a drill and grinder check the video below! By the accent, the person is from Cordoba, Argentina.

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Anonymous said...

Ferfal -

Believe it or not, the Hechiza, or slam-bang/slam-fire/slap fire shotgun is quite common here in the USA. This weapon was first introduced here in the States just after World War II; and was marketed commercially as the 'Richardson Survival Shotgun', by Richardson Industries, Inc. New Haven Conn. in 12ga. Another name for this commercial version was the 'Philippine Guerrilla Gun'.

Doing a Google search for 'The Four Winds Shotgun.pdf' by Kurt Saxon will produce a detailed set of instructions for anyone who wants a bit more info. Here are a few of the videos on YouTube in which this shotgun is demonstrated:

The Pistol Version:

The Noisy Cricket Rifle:

Review of the Richardson Survival Shotgun:

Again Ferfal, thanks for the article. As always, you're on top of the news and latest happenings. Much appreciated.