Sunday, June 29, 2014


You’re not a cop.
It’s not your business. 
What if I help and get sued?
They probably deserve it anyway. 
“You’re not supposed to defend yourself, sweetie, call a teacher if someone is bullying you”. “Fighting back is not accepted in this school, young man” says the principal. “Fighting back is not accepted in this society, mister” says the politician. You own a gun????? For Defense???? What gives, you think you’re Rambo or something????
Violent thugs, corrupt politicians or evil corporations, you’re programed into believing you are not capable of stopping any of them or changing anything that is wrong with this society…
In a castrated society, the only one with “balls” is a 2 year old:


Don Williams said...

1) It is not a castrated society, Ferfal. The USA is made up of dozens of different societies. Violence among the poor is much higher than in the middle class. You only have to look at the enormous differences between homicide rates and violent crime rates in different US zip codes to see that.

2) The type of people witnessing that incident probably didn't see much wrong with it -- probably saw it as rough justice. The poor use fists to settle quarrels, not libel lawyers. How often do small children see Daddy beating Mommy --assuming Daddy is even around?

3) Jared Diamond has noted that primitive people have high homicide rates -- that one allegedly peaceful tribe had a rate of 29 per 100,000 vs the US average of 5 per 100,000.

4) However, the US has some poor neighborhoods where the homicide rates -- 60 per 100,000 -- rivals those of Honduras and El Salvador, the most violent places on Earth.

5) The Rich , in contrast, tend to kill with deceit and political or economic power, not by getting their own hands dirty.

6) The attacker in the video feared losing her crappy job at McDonalds because of vicious gossip about her having an affair with the manager.

7) The two-faced newscasters whose corruption and deceit let our politicians create an economy in which their fellow Americans fear losing a job at McDonalds --in the richest nation on earth -- don't have the moral authority to sit in judgment of the attacker.

But the US News Media has always criticized the sins of the poor --never of the rich.

Anonymous said...

Don Williams, you need to be called out for part of your comment. That 'poor person' in the US working at a crappy McDonald's job is pretty rich by world standards. What passes for poverty in the US is no excuse for this kind of violence. Who would fear losing a job at McDonald's when they have our cushy safety net to fall into?

Your view of everything has been poisoned by socialism.


Don Williams said...

"That 'poor person' in the US working at a crappy McDonald's job is pretty rich by world standards"

You overlook that they are pretty rich by the standards of many US neighborhoods as well.

I am not "excusing" the violence -- if I was there I would have tried to stop it. I am simply saying that any people who allows their country to have one of the most inequitable distributions of income in the world has no moral authority to sit in judgment of anyone. If that attacker kicked your Reaganite head in the course of stealing your wallet, I would regard it as chickens coming home to roost.

Note that if one of the men there had objected to an outsider intervening I would have had the choice of either hurting him badly starting with a sucker punch (and thereby facing a ruinous lawsuit with the other people backing him up with perjury) or face enduring severe injury/possible death myself.

Before you try to impose your moral judgment in a strange tribe, realize that the idea of a fair fight is laughed at in some places. Including many Congressional Offices and law firms.


Anonymous said...

Seriously DW, you seem to place more blame at the rich news lady’s feet than the poor McDonald’s worker beating her coworker on the sidewalk. Maybe if that ‘poor’ woman didn’t act like an animal, using her fists to settle arguments and spitting in a mom’s face in front of her kid, she wouldn’t work at McDonald’s.
In the US, there are tens of, maybe hundreds of thousands of Latiyas who have escaped poverty by showing up for work, not sleeping with their bosses, and not beating their coworkers half to death. Latiya could be managing a McDonald’s instead of on the run from the law, now unemployed because of her own actions.
Your comments always find a way to trash those evil rich people and capitalism, however. You’re like a religious fanatic in which the answer to every question is whatever god you worship.


Don Williams said...

1) Hmmm. Strange. Some of the evil rich people are starting to agree with me. Are they socialists too?


2) I was in Hawaii a while back and it was interesting to see how many billionaires have set up boltholes there. Oahu is a fortress what with the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine installations -- and some of those bases were set up back when the memory of the "Bayonet Constitution" being imposed on the natives was still fresh.

3) Billionaires Michael Dell (Dell Computers) and Pierre Omidyar (Ebay) have places in the wealthy Kahala suburb east of Diamond Head, near the Hawaiian Department of Defense armory.

Omidyar has ex-Secret Service bodyguards and a long range jet at Honolulu airport.
If things got hot in Honolulu, a Boston Whaler could land at night on the beach in the front of his house and carry him and family to the airport (about 8 miles) for a flight to his island off France or to his ranch in Montana.


4) Kahala suburb is interesting -- most costly place in Hawaii. Houses are on 1/2 to 1 acre lots but surrounded by concrete walls six feet high and with strong, sliding steel doors across the driveways.

5) Larry Ellison (Oracle) went even farther --bought the island of Lanai about 40 miles southeast of Oahu.

Unless the Chinese navy manages to take Pearl Harbor, Larry is pretty secure. Plus he has a decent airport if he needs to hop on his jet and get out of dodge for some reason. In the meantime, if any resident employee gets troublesome, Larry can just ..er..vote him off the island.

Pitt said...

Don Williams, what does the security protocols or living arrangements of a few wealthy Americans have to do with one young woman nearly beating another young woman to death if front of her 2yo and a crowd of people who basically are going to stand back and watch it happen?