Monday, December 20, 2010

#4 Buckshot

Here are some results that we have gotten in 10% ballistic gelatin for 
#4 buckshot, if you are interested:
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Bones said...

This is very interesting. It makes sense that as shot size increases, so does penetration. Note that this is #4 BUCK, not bird shot. #4 bird shot is .130" (3.30 mm)with 135 pellets per ounce, while #4 buck is .24" (6 mm) with 21 pellets per ounce. Quite a difference and the buck is far larger and heavier.

The gun used also has a fairly long barrel @ 24" - longer than might be useful for home defense, and included a choke. However the distance from muzzle to gel block face is 10'; well within normal home defense distances.

It would be wonderful to see standardized penetration testing done on the complete range of shot from the smallest bird shot to the largest size buck.

russell1200 said...

24" is a bit long. 18-1/2" is the standard because the ATF gets on your case for anything less than 18". For a rifle it is 16".