Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its’ you vs. the Bankers

My father sent me this clip. No, my old man is not a survivalist. He’s an accountant that worked in banks his entire life, mostly in top managing positions.

I hope more people see this video and finally understand that banks have no problem whatsoever in downright stealing your savings, destroying the lives of millions, killing thousands, they simply don’t care. They did exactly that here in Argentina in 2002, they will do it again.

I’ve emailed Alex Jones program before and just did it again. I’d really like to have the opportunity to tell him how your entire world changes when the things he’s talking about finally happen. Your entire world changes forever when a country goes down like that.

Take care folks, and don’t trust banks. They sure aren’t worthy of such a thing.



Baja Publishing said...

It's so important for people to understand that inflation isn't an accident or an unintended consequence, but rather official government policy. Most don't understand that, nor do they understand how to avoid it. Thank you, Ferfal.

Anonymous said...

A very good source of economic news and insight into the Banksters crimes is www.zerohedge.com

Anonymous said...

Another good source of economic and financial news / advice is www.totalinvestor.com

Mark said...

AJ is a conspiracy theorist. The problem with that is the theory part; I doubt he'd want any real world application, it's better to let people use their imagination as to what to fear than to find out that the world will still run even if the banks crash. Let us know if you're on his show though, I used to listen to it in Austin, but some of the crap he sources is just reaching.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad I leave my savings under my mattress, where the banks can't get at them.

Paraguay Insider said...

He talks about proven facts not theory. It is facts.
There are things many people dont want to realize - let me give you a famous example.

Every goverment in europe and most of the people in europe have brought bullet proof scientific evidence that the buildings have been destroyed by Thermite "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermite"

In the US 99/100 people are completly unaware of these facts and will deny it or label it as "conspiracy theory" - why? because if it was the truth it would mean trouble, so people prefer to live in denial.

It is the same situation here - people are used to a lifestyle based on credit. The federal reserve system is indeed a private bank and it is indeed a fraud.

However the people did get cheap credit and enjoy up to this day a life style they could otherwise never afford - so nobody asks questions.

But when have bankers EVER in history given something for "FREE"?
There is a price tag coming with credit and it is called "interest payment" and interest payment is getting higher and higher every year - and it DOES affect you even if you have no debt at all.

Google: greece, ireland, spain 2010 and you will find what lies in stores for the US in 2011.

Lets talk again 1 year from now - maybe AJ is wrong and all will be fine, or he is right and the US will be like Ireland or Greece today. Soon we will know soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Be careful with Alex Jones. He does bring out some interesting information and theories, and others that are down right dangerous. As a former member of the US Army, and inside the Pentagon on 9/11, I am absolutely appalled that Jones thinks 9/11 was an inside job. On some of his economics and elitism news, I think Jones might have a point along with his eugenics information which even Glenn Beck has done programs on. All I have to say, is just really be very careful with anything you get from Alex Jones or any other media source.