Tuesday, December 14, 2010

“Lights Out” Now available on Amazon.

If you hadn’t read David Crawford’s  “Lights Out”, your missing one of the best survival novels out there. “Lights Out” is about an ordinary guy, dealing with am extraordinary situation. Mark Turner is working at his office when all of a sudden lights go out, digital gadgets and most cars aren’t working either…  “Lights Out” tells the story of how Mark, his family, friends and neighbors manage to organize and survive the events that follow what appears to be an EMP attack on USA soil. I particularly like the down to Earth and realist level that David uses throughout the story. You can easily see yourself, your neighbors, and your own family in it.
I had the pleasure of meeting David Crawford when I traveled to Texas this year, he’s a terrific guy and I’m glad to recommend his work. Highly recommended , “Lights Out” is available on Amazon.
Got to go guys, I hear cops and protesters passing by. Should take a look and see what’s going on.
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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this PDF way back then. Most of the reason being its setting (mid south Texas) is located very nearby. I'm glad he was able to bring it to print - its worth reading.

Anonymous said...

"One Second After" is the definitive read, IMHO. Forget then author's name, very good tech background and great writer.


Bill in NC said...

One Second After is enjoyable fro its drama

But is not the least bit realistic.

FerFAL said...

Indeed. I've read "One Second After" and "Lights Out" is a superior book in my opinon. It's more realistic, better written, more fun to read, has much more useful information and ideas. That's why I've never recommended "One Second After".


Anonymous said...

One Second After was one of the worse books ever,could not finish.Just ordered Lights out..thanks FerFal..

Anonymous said...

never thought i'd see it:
ferfal is reviewing and
recommending books just as
Oprah's Book Club.

Anonymous said...

amazon refuses wikileaks donations, do not do business with the beast, buy elsewhere

russell1200 said...

Lights out was the better book. The protaganist was far more likeable and the villians were more dangerous. In both cases, the good guys catch a lot of breaks.

Both books overstate the immediate effects of EMP based on US Government testing: in tests cars and trucks do lose power, but in almost all cases can restart. however the potential damage to the electrical infrastructure -while more speculative- would be very real.