Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reply: 220V? Not anymore, just 170V

OK guys, seems I’m buying one similar to this one.
 Also 9kva. but it levels as low as 150V back to 220V with a 7% error margin. This will make summer much more tolerable and not risk ruining my electric stuff due to low voltage.
Don, thanks for the refrigerator tips. One thing I learned is important for “cheapo” blackout solutions, at least when it short term blackouts, is elevating the amount of cold mass in the refrigerator before lights go out. Every empty space I have in the fridge or freezer I fill with water bottles. Once these are cold or frozen it keeps the space cooler when power goes down.
If the power goes out for longer terms, I move some of the frozen water bottles and gel packs (yes, I have some of those too) into the lower drawers of the refrigerator, put the food I want to keep cool there and cover it with towels and plastic. This is basically a version of the old “ice box”, back when there was no power and the ice man left you a chunk of ice to keep food cool. The better insulation the longer it lasts. This works ok for 24 hs or give or take. At the same time, I’m also storing water and once the bottle of water is no longer frozen you can drink nice cold water during the blackout.
This is a very cheap solution for short term blackouts. For longer ones you of course need a generator, but these are still things that can be done right away for no money.


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