Friday, December 3, 2010

Politically Approved Genocide in South Africa

Remember my friends form South Africa that I posted about a couple days ago? Just got an email from one of them :

You asked about farm murders. This week a whole family was killed. The
    little girl was just 3 years old. This is amid the goverment trying to

    get its "struggle song" declared as non-hate speech. Check out the

    links for more info.


Thanks Marcu, take care over there. 
Watch your back ok?

Six held for farmer, family's murder

2010-12-02 18:38
Bloemfontein - Six people were arrested and were being questioned over the brutal murder of a Lindley family on Thursday, Free State police said.
"The investigating team managed to take six people into custody and they are still being questioned," said spokesperson Motantsi Makhele.
A team consisting of members attached to organised crime, crime intelligence and visible policing started following leads and information from the scene.
"At about 14:30 they managed to track down six possible suspects, one firearm whose ownership couldn't be verified yet and the bank cards belonging to the 40-year-old deceased were also found."
Three of the suspects were arrested on the farm, while other three were picked up in the town of Lindley, Makhele said.
Most of the suspects are in their early twenties.

Stabbed, shot
Attie Potgieter, his wife Wilma and their daughter Willemien, 3 were found murdered on their farm on Thursday morning.
It seemed the farmer, in his 40s, was stabbed, while his wife and daughter were shot.
Commercial farming body, Free State Agriculture, condemned the killing.
Chief executive Henk Vermeulen said: "We condemn the senseless murder in the strongest possible terms."
Vermeulen said the criminals showed that they had no respect for "civilisation, people's lives" and law-abiding citizens.
"Criminals assume they have the right to attack citizens and in this case murder them."
He expressed the organisation's sympathy to the Potgieter family, and urged farmers in the Free State to get involved in the Free State Agriculture and police rural safety plan.
Bet you wont see much coverage of all this in main stream media, or the big picture you get when you connect the dots of a ruling political party that is clearly out there for blood, and the not so subtle approval of white families getting massacred.

Apparently “kill the boer, kill the farmer” isn’t a racist statement. “Its just taken out of context” according to the African National Congress (ANC) Youth leader, Julius Malema. The ANC is the left wing ruling political party of South Africa, founded by Nelson Mandela and other like minded individuals.

Two very important survival lessons here my friends.

a)       The survivalist retreat works perfectly well as long as there’s no serious crime situation to deal with. If there’s a real threat it will only work well in fiction novels and movies.

b)       When you are outnumbered, or even worse, when the majority of the people all around you and the government itself supports the extermination of your kind of people, either because of race, religious or moral beliefs, you either leave or become a martir.

Its happening now it South Africa, it happened in Germany with the Nazis and in Bosnia with the Serb Nationalists, just to mention a few cases. First it is suggested that you’re not welcomed any more, then they start harassing and killing you, and finally you’re not allowed to leave any more.

Take care folks.



DaShui said...

I saw eastern European countries are offering SA farmers free land and easy immigration to come and farm.
Its obvious its another Zimbabwe in the making.

Patrick said...

In tangentially perhaps related news, I visited Uruguay on business this week and am confirmed in my long-term plans around the place. While the empresarios of a couple of game companies I visited cautioned me that the country was far from perfect, we all agreed it was as much an improvement to Argentina as you can imagine possible from crossing a river.

Saw lots of advertisements for over-priced, gated communities near Punta, the black hole of vanity, but I do think developments with integrated agriculture and security provisions near Minas and further north have a lot of investment potential for the next ten years, both for developers and buyers.

If you're going to do the remote hide-out thing, you could go to Patagonia and theoretically be so far away from everyone that your biggest risk is earthquakes and mudslides.

If you want to still participate in society while positioning yourself against the brutal transformation going on in the world, I can't think of a better place than Uruguay (except of NZ, which is harder to get into).

Also, you can get a second passport relatively easily in Uruguay as a non-citizen, which is a huge survival (and business) asset.

Mike H said...

This should put some context in the argument that it was somehow immoral to not support the ANC during the cold war.

ElDesmadre said...

With all due respect but you are oversimplifying the conflict in Bosnia. Everyone was killing everyone over there but for the mass-media and for the world's imperialist powers there is only one scapegoat - the Serbs. How comes then that Serbia has several hundred thousands of Serbian refugees on its soil if they were never the victims?
Apart from that - a very interesting blog which I keep following.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

When one fails to learn from history and decides to stay in unfriendly territory, then prepare for the worst to happen. Racism works both ways.

Bones said...


I wish I could find the link to the article where various citizens of zimbabwe were wishing for the good old days in rhodesia when the country actually worked.

They've been allowing thugs who support mugabe to throw white farmers off their land. As a result food production has plummeted.

South Africa is on it's way to becoming yet another basket case nation.

Anonymous said...

The Serbs made the mistake of allowing generals and strong speaking individuals become their spokesmen. They appeared arrogant and angry (not that they shouldn't have just that it worked against them). The MSM had their favorites and they picked and choosed the sound bites that made their favorites look good and those they didn't favor look bad.

It is interesting that SA has more crime and more murder today then when the ruling whites controlled it but you have to search to find that story. Again the MSM made the story what they wanted it to be. SA is doomed, the question is will it take a few more years to totally collapse or will it take a decade or two.

K said...

When South Africa collapses into chaos, what will occur in its immediate neighbors?