Friday, August 13, 2010

Custom Survival Gear

DaShui said...
Fer Fal a great money making opportunity for you.

You have the name- why don't you design your own line of grey man products. Such as a Maxpedition type bag without all the zippers and not so tactical looking? Maybe even work with to add body armor. I, for one, would be interested in buying.Today my weather is 105 degrees, and 90% humidity. Almost impossible to wear enough clothes for C.C. Even carrying a daypack would leave my back covered in sweat from the lack of ventilation.
Think about it.

Thanks DaShui for the vote of confidence :-)
I've done some mods using needle and thread and have desinged a few pieces of gear, mostly bags and jackets, but I just dont know any manufacturers or how that type of business works.
There are a few things you can do though, some you can do yourself, some requires the help of a tailor.
For example, I changed the interior fabric of my leather jacket, it had some ugly bright material, now it has a much thicker one that looks very nice, a grey/green color. I asked the tailor to add some pockets on the inside, and make those pockets reinfoced, using that same fabric, for heavier objects. (magazines, tools, etc)

Little seceret fantasy to share? I would have loved to add 20 layers of kevlar, as in an interior vest withing the jacket, as well as some padding on the forearms for knife attack protection. Ja! that would have been nice, but it sure comes at a lot of extra weight and impossible to wear during summer. Maybe its still doable if I add it like they do with certain jackets and the polar interior, that attaches to the jacket through zippers and some buttons on the sleves, but you can quickly remove it if needed.
Reinfoced pockets is something you can do on ordinary pants as well and it allows you to carry more items there and not end up with holes. Any tailor can add a few more well concealed pockets on the inside of jackets, not a big deal.

Also for belts, some people have secret compartments built on the inside. There you can keep a bit of money, cuff keys, or a small knife. If the belt is wide enough you can do something smilar by taping your small stash with ducttape to the inisde of the belt.



Uncle George said...

In the summer heat,it is not practical to wear a sport jacket or even a vest very long when outdoors. A large shirt over an IWB holster can help conceal your hand gun. Sometimes a .38 revolver with a snub nose 2" barrel works with an inside the pocket holster. Carried in the right or left front pants pocket, it is very hard to spot. The problem is that you have to carry a couple of speed loaders in the back pocket, and they take a lot longer to use than a simple magazine replacement in a semi-auto pistol.

Anonymous said...

I have to say...Hawaiian shirts scream "I'm carrying".

Almost anything is better.


Anonymous said...

Blind man hits targets accurately.

I came across this and thought you might find it interesting if you haven't already heard of it, maybe there's a new custom survival product waiting to be marketed by someone out of what this guy has done so far?:

Comment by Hwy50ina49Dodge
2010-08-17 09:11:49

I thought for a moment there was a “conundrum”, nope…just have to see beyond the first

impression…(hardy har har again)

Its creator, a blind mathematician named Jim Miekka…


The 50-year-old former physics teacher, who is an avid target shooter…

Technical Gauge and Its Creator Sense Stock Gloom; ‘Good Conspiracy Theories’?
Hindenburg Omen’ Flashes:
by Steven Russolillo and Tomi Kilgore / Monday, August 16, 2010

Technical Gauge and Its Creator Sense Stock Gloom; ‘Good Conspiracy Theories’?

The back story on the blind mathematician named Jim Miekka:
by WABI-TV5 News Desk - August 17th 2009 10:19pm - Read more Local News

“James Miekka of Surry is a target shooter with an accuracy most people would admire. He’s also completely blind.

His accuracy comes from his ingenuity.”

“My favorite thing is when I see somebody who’s never seen him shoot before. And if they watch him shoot, their jaw just drops open. And they go, ‘How does he do that?’” says

Miekka’s neighbor, Robert Duhaime.

Miekka can’t see his target…he hears it, using an artificial vision system he designed himself.

“It requires an extreme amount of concentration,” Miekka says.

He shoots using instruments to do the same job as the eyes of sighted people, changing light into electric signals.

“So, I’ve taken the light I’ve converted to electricity, and then it travels down the cord which is the equivalent of your optic nerve. Finally, I have to take that signal and put it in a way my brain can decode it,” Miekka says.

For that, he uses sound. The sound frequency is proportional to the light intensity on the target.

“I hear tick, tick, tick and I scan around for black next to white, and very quiet next to very loud. That white on that target should be the loudest thing out there,” he says.

Neighbor Rick Zeamer helped Miekka, a former physics teacher, research the special photocells at the heart of the system, and calibrate the scope for his backyard shooting range.

This comment was found here:

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