Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Shooting Video

This one took place in Flores, Buenos Aires. A cop doing extra hours as security for a China store sees two suspicious men but is surprised by a third coming from the opposite direction.
Notice how many rounds the bad guy fires,  pure brutality. The cop survived by the way, he took 6-8 shots in the torso and legs but was wearing body armor. As he falls he cries out for Lee, the owner of the store.
The bad guys? Killed later as they stole cars in a parking lot and shot it out with the police.
Get this: The bad guy that shoots the cop in  this  video, his family later sewed the police for killing a “good, hard working man”, and the city had to pay the family of this scumbag 25.000 USD!
The criminal gang had robbed over 50 similar chinese minimarts and even had  a clandestine clinic set up for their wounded.
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Rhino said...

Looks like a valid case for pro abortion

Anonymous said...

This one has no armed citizens but is pretty gritty. It's amazing that security guards will put their lives on the line for 10 bucks an hour.


Anonymous said...

It looks like an oblique case for pro abortion. There are other more direct ways of reducing the amount of shootings in an area.
Take care, Ferfal!