Thursday, April 21, 2011

Run to the Hills!! Now!! Just Run!!

Apparently that’s what a survival expert is saying.

My opinion? Unless there’s a real threat to you, leaving your safe, stocked, defensible home, where you know your neighbors, where you have a job and means to support yourself in a complicated economic time, lets say its not the smartest thing to do.
When to bug out?
1) Imminent threat (fire, tsunami, some other disaster forcing you out) If there’s a natural disaster or man made one you may have no other choice but to leave. Maybe the authorities have no power over it due to war/invasion or the decision was made for some reason to abandon the area. In that case its better to play it safe and leave.
2)Political decision being made to go after a group of people based on ethnicality or religion. If you happen to belong to that group, you might want to play it it safe and avoid being a genocide victim. These things have happened before several times and will continue happening unfortunately. In this case a retreat in the hills will do you little good. When these things happen you’re better off leaving the country entirely. Learn from REAL event’s folks! Not some guy´s wet dream!

As a real “run for you life” scenario, I mention the siege of Sarajevo by the Serbian army, the longest siege in modern history that went on for years, the city being shelled almost daily at times and constant sniper fire killing civilians.
Many chapters of the Sarajevo Survival Guide can be read on line at :
Take care folks.

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Anonymous said...

If the political decision is made to go after a certain group or catagory of people then most likely the plans are already in place (if not already being implemented) to stop these very people from escaping.

Banned from certain types of transportation.
Road blocks and check points.
Searches and profiled stops.

FerFAL said...

Interesting comment Anonymous. There actually ARE lots of warnings, its just that the common human reaction is denial. The nazi campaign against the Jews was clear, but many hoped/wished it would never get that bad. In Sarajevo, Bosniaks where being forced to sign away their homes nad band accounts to Serbs. When these things happen, you must avoid going into denial and accept that your situaiton in such region is "delicate" to say the least.
Happens today in South Africa with the Boers. When the president of the country himself sings "kill the white, kill the Boer" you must accept that just maybe you might want to go looking for a place to relocate.
My point is, there generally is warning, you see the hatred being spread in the society against a certain ethnic group or religion, its just that people preffer not to cope with it, usually until its too late. When such animosity is oficially or unoficially supported from the government itself, that's when you're better off evacuating.


K said...

Unless the Hills are within easy running distance, then running would be quite foolish. If you ran a short distance to the Hills, once you got there you can rethink the whole thing, and maybe run back home.

It is better to identify the trends affectiing your area early so that you can methodically THINK of what to do, and if that means moving your home then you can move at a less hectic pace to somewhere more suitable.

Off the top of my head I can think of one place to run to; the nearest passport office, where you could apply for a passport, if you don't have one now.

hsu said...

Quick comment about what happened to Jews in Germany pre-WWII.

Basically, FerFal is right, the laws happened over a period of several years, starting in 1933, when Jews lost the right to own land and to hold certain jobs.

Every year, Jews lost more and more rights, until the first deportations (to camps) occurred in 1940. So basically, there were 7 years of warning signs.

Albert Einstein, a German Jew, saw the writing on the wall in 1933, because his job (university professor) was one of those jobs that became illegal.

FerFAL said...

Thanks for the aditional information.
7 years does seem like a lot of time but then again millions still got caught. You may wonder why. Its because humans in the end are optimistic creatures by nature generally speaking. As a group we always hope things will get better. "They dont let em own property, they dont let me go to school, teach, ok, eventually things will get better", but they dont and you end up in a concentration camp. Any ethnic or religious group you can think of, start restricting their rights, slowly turn it into genocide and even if it takes 20 years millions will still get caught. You know, the slowly boiling frog thing, you dont realize it until its too late.

Maldek said...

FerFal is right.

It is human to assume something that has never happened to you/your family/your people before will never happen at all.

This thinking is causing avoidable deaths after all sorts of desasters, like earthquake, tsunami, wars or even failing societies and goverments.

Example 1:
If you hit your dead horse, hoping it will raise if you just hit hard enough.
Thats denial.

Example 2:
It is clear without any doubt that the mountains of debt the western goverments managed to build will NEVER be paid back and as a result all entitlement programs by these same institutions (social security, medicaid or pension schemes in europe etc) are worthless.

But still 99% of the people believe in these promises/lies.
Thats denial.

gaga said...

"7 years does seem like a lot of time but then again millions still got caught. You may wonder why. "

Money. The rich could buy their way out, and they did. I read a detailed depiction of what went on and it was a battle to buy an escape route over a long time. Seems hard to understand today but people we really poor and couldn't afford to do anything. said...

FerFAL, which survival expert are your referring to with this post? Jack Spirko? I took away from one of his recent podcasts that now is the time to bug out. Definitely raised my eyebrows.

Roderigo said...

Excellent and timely post, Fernando. This is the type of thinking that separates this blog, and places it head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in the survivalist community.

One only has to look to examples of past history - and you don't even need to go back very far - to understand the course western civilization is currently on. The idea that world conditions will ever deteriorate for any length of time to the point where society is reduced to complete anarchy and the lone remaining hold-outs can kill with impunity – irregardless that those conditions have never existed at any time, anywhere and for any extended period in world history - is a dangerous fantasy fueled by armchair and/or doomsday survivalists coupled with the entertainment media, and which I fear the survivalist community in general will pay dearly for in more ways than one if it's allowed to go unchallenged.

If one only takes the time to consider that you can’t even attempt to do half the things these bug-outers fantasize about getting away with in collapsed countries such as Mexico, the Congo, Iraq, or dare I mention, Afghanistan and even Libya, what on earth makes any rational person believe that we will ever be able to engage in that kind of behavior for any length of time here in the western world – regardless of how bad conditions get?

What is far, far more likely to happen is what has always happened throughout world history to individuals who have belonged to “undesirable” groups” such as: Armenians, Jews, Bosnians, etc – and is currently happening in other parts of the world and to some extent right here and now in the good ol’ USA. If you discover that you are slowly becoming a member of a politically undesirable group i.e. Traditionalist-Christian (especially if you are of European-descent - and gainfully employed all the worse), than it’s time to start considering your options; be they at the ballot box (if at all possible) or voting with your feet and relocating to someplace else – or you WILL at some point find yourself in the crosshairs, be it through increased societal stigmatization, higher taxes, and eventually government approved open discrimination and hostility. The writing is already on the wall. In the meantime, life goes on. We still have to make a living for ourselves to the best of our ability, and if our best options are riding the storm out until conditions stabilize or we are forced to relocate to a new life somewhere else – just as our ancestors did and for the very same reasons, than so be it.

Sorry for the long post-reply, but it always bothers me that Fernando’s postings about world political conditions and ethnic tensions (which in my view lie at the very heart of the deterioration of western civilization) don’t generate the discussion I feel they deserve as do his postings which cover guns & gear(nothing at all wrong with those!). Oh, and by the way – thanks for making me aware of the Sarajevo Survival Guide. I’ve already ordered my copy from Amazon.


hsu said...

The stories of Jews trying to leave Germany during the 1930s makes for very enlightening reading, and is a good checklist of what works and what doesn't.

The 1930s was a highly anti-immigration period, for nearly all nations. German Jews were routinely deported back to Germany, if they entered a country illegally.

Only Jews with lots of money, who were well connected, or who had highly desirable skills (highly desirable by the country they wanted to emigrate to) were able to successfully emigrate out of Germanly. And the earlier you emigrated, the better your chances were.

Thus, in a situation where it is desirable to leave your country, it is NOT your survialist skills that are needed. It is your work skills, or people skills, or money making skills that will determine if you are able to successfully emigrate.

Robert said...

I read a story years ago wherein a guy, seeing the writing on the wall with regards to the likelihood of war (WWII) descending on Europe again, bugged out to an island about as far away from the upcoming fireworks as he could manage to escape to.

The island was Bougainville.

Great plan, bad luck, Sh*t happens.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, the Jews did not have the Holocaust in their background as a red flag warning, though they had experienced severe persecution through the centuries. No one had ever tried exterminate a whole ethnic group in that manner. The German Jews considered themselves Germans first, then Jews. They thought other Germans did also. They were (they thought) extremely well integrated into one of the "most culturally civilized" nations on earth.

My cousin from Russia, where they sure knew they weren't considered Russians, saw his entire extended family massacred by machine gun fire when all of them, cobblers, refused to repair boots for the invading German Army if their wives and children were not also spared. He was in the field in back of his house, saw it occurring, and learned the story from townspeople.

Is it any wonder I own firearms, even in America?

BTW, my cousin was refused emigration to America despite this tragedy and ended up in Israel. Other cousins who also lost part of their families were also refused admission to the U.S. and went to Argentina (maybe your neighbors, Ferfal!).