Thursday, April 14, 2011

‘Start Crying For Argentina’‏

Hello FerFAL,
I thought this article may be of interest.
I’m a long-time reader of your blog, and I purchased and recently finished reading your excellent book.
Just curious, but are you still planning on moving to the US? We need more people like you!
Thank you for your great work,

Good link, unfortunately so true, so many similarities with this  “new” communism.  Better to keep an eye on Latin America politics. Eventually it may become the new commie giant, but this time just south of the border.
Glad you liked my book, thanks  ;)
Still working on moving and thanks for the support. Given that millions just walk across the border or overstay their visa, I bet a lot of people would be surprised by how hard it is for those of us that want to move to USA doing it the right way.  So much talk about illegals, it would be nice to hear about at least a minimum care for those that dont want to do things the wrong way for a change.

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gaga said...

I almost impossible to get emigrate to American legally for a European. I could get a business visa as I'm a director of a US company, but its probably only for 7 years. Why bother? US is attractive to the third world and that seems to be the plan, become a have for low paid menial work.

Uncle George said...

The USA has an insane immigration policy. AFAIK, it has always had an insane immigration policy. I had a lot of frustration trying to handle matters for some relatives by marriage. Yet, the illegals hop over and have few problems.

Neither political party seems to be interested in solving these problems. All they do is political grandstanding when speaking on this subject.

Maldek said...

FerFal, the right way as you see it might be very wrong in the eyes of a bureaucrat, or a socialist person like Madame Kirchner.

They dont want people like you, you know. You could be a threat.

A 20 year old drug addict who will willingly march on the streets with their colors for 5$/day is a very good investment.

People like you, people who fight for their freedom, people who can defend themselfs - these are the biggest danger for a bureaucratic dictatorship. You can see it in Venezuela, you can see it in Argentina, you can see it in greece, you can see it in the UK and you sure as hell can see it in US goverment as well.

If you want an englisch/spanisch country with 1st world cities, a decent middle class and very good perspective for the future (copper and other minerals) you may want to consider Chile.

Check for more info - Mr. Black has earned my respect.

HannahAchrissmile said...

I agree with you completely. I married an American while in America( I'm a Canadian) and the legal process is a nightmare. Not only are we shelling out thousands of dollars, we've had to enlist the help of a lawyer and are going through a painfully slow process that is taking sooo long.
It is unfair that those doing it the right way are "punished" for it.