Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Economic Collapse part 2: What could happen in USA

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ferfal!

Maldek said...

Thanks FerFal and 100% spot on!

Regarding Argentina and EU readers/watchers I would like to mention one big difference:

Argentina is a very rich country when it comes to natural resources.
It is only 30m people in a very big country.
If a country like say GB had the same situation the consequences would be far worse.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting presentation on the looming dollar collapse. Ignore the guy's sales spiel at the end, but the rest of the presentation is spot on, particularly his reference to when the UK attempted to inflate its way out of its debts and the pound lost its position as the world reserve currency.

gaga said...

"Argentina is a very rich country when it comes to natural resources."

Argentina's problem is the people, there are few countries that can take a good resource situation and screw it up so badly. I don't think the same thing would happen in many other countries, the Japan earthquake is a perfect example of a society working together to overcome adversity. Look in history, many countries have had total devastation and went straight back and recovered.

Argentina is a basket case and has been for many decades, Nothing wail change that.

Maldek said...


Argentina is the prototype of what happens to a socialistic society (not communism).

And you are right - it is the people. But they were not born that way; the "peronist" way of wellfare politics just started sooner than it did in europe/US.

Thats why they had their permanent crysis starting sooner.

Make no mistake - most of the "core" people of argentina are like the people in europe or the US, there is not much difference.

What happened there WILL happen in US/EU as well; and that day is not too far away - couple of years maybe, not much more.

Don Williams said...

It seems to me that what hurt Argentina badly was NOT socialism --but right wing corruption and a right wing oligarchy backed by a military junta.

Plus US Republican President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger intervening covertly. Just like they supported Pinochet and Allende's assassination in Chile.

It is amazing how deeply ignorant Americans are of what our government does abroad for our corporations and our plutocrats.

But then our News Media exists solely to keep the sheep eating the grass while telling us those nice wolves are our friends.

Don Williams said...



Don Williams said...

How many Americans have ever heard of US support for Operation Condor?

Don Williams said...

Does anybody remember the US International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) Inc's involvment in the military coup against Allende in Chile?

Why? For the COPPER, of course. Fiber Optics had not been developed yet in the 1970s and ITT's network used tons of copper.

gaga said...

"Argentina is the prototype of what happens to a socialistic society (not communism)."

You think it was any better when the right wing were in power in Argentina? Do you think it will be better when they get in power again? The problems there for back many decades and both sides are guilty of the same thing - utter selfishness and finger pointing to the point of self destruction. Many countries around the world could be called socialist, Europe, Japan but they are have not made the mess that Argentina has.

Having said that, the USA and other countries in the Americas do seem very similar in that they have a 'broken society' that is dysfunctional and can only keep working while things are good. When the SHTF the underlying flaws rise to the surface. The USA won't collapse because its a socialist state, it will collapse due to decades of wilful neglect and mismanagement by insane politicians.