Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Thrunite TN4A: 1150 Lumens on 4xAA

Part of a modern survival mindset is trying to simplify logistics as much as possible so that fewer parts and supplies can be used in the most possible scenarios. The use of batteries for electric appliances is such a case. Ideally, we would have our electrics running on the same batteries, and that type of batteries would be affordable and popular. AA batteries being the most prolific and powerful enough for most applications are usually a good candidate. Problem is, when you want maximum performance, you’re usually forced to go with lithium CR123A batteries, which are expensive and not as common.
Thanks to the constant advance of LED technology, this gap becomes smaller each year. Today, we already have +150 lumen flashlights running on a single AA battery which was unthinkable just a few years ago. In the case of the Thrunite TN4A, we have a flashlight that while still operating on cheap AA can produce 1150 lumens on turbo mode.

Thrunite TN4A

The Thrunite TN4A goes into that high lumen output category that was once exclusive to lithium powered lights. Not only can you use AA found in any gas station or toy store, you can keep your light for use around the house with rechargeable batteries. A low power indicator LED in the side switch will tell you when the batteries are running low by going from blue to red when being used.

The Thrunite TN4A has six output modes: Strobe(1150 lumens/150 minutes), Turbo(1150 lumens /56 minutes), High(550 lumens / 150 minutes), Medium(139 lumens / 14 hrs), Low(15 lumens / 93 hrs), Moonlight(0.5lumens/80 days).)
When Turbo brightness is needed, simply double clicking the switch will provide 1150 lumens. Double clicking again activates the strobe mode. This makes for a quick access of both the highest output mode and the strobe. When in less of a hurry, turning the light on and then long pressing the switch cycles through low medium and high, with a memory function remembering the last one you used. Turbo, Strobe and Moonlight are not remembered by the memory mode. To access the Mooonlight 0.5 lumen mode, you long press the switch when the light is off. This works well when you don’t want to disturb anyone by turning the light on and the cycling through various modes until you find the lowest one. The Moonlight mode is fantastic for when going without power for long periods of time and runtime becomes key.

The Thrunite TN4A is a well-made flashlight selling for a very competitive price of $55.95. It uses the latest CREE LED, the XP-L V6 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time. It’s impact resistant to 2 meters, waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (1.5meters) and comes with a holster and spare o rings. If you are looking for a compact thrower that runs on cheap AA give it a try.
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Berneck said...

I've been moving away from li-ion batteries this year. The technology is there now for AA lights. With the exception of very high lumen output, there's really no need for the CR123/18650 lights anymore. And, the very high lumen lights are rarely needed.

Anonymous said...

No love for Lithium Ions? Yes, the 4x AA lights are getting pretty impressive, but I still prefer a single 18650; comparable runtime/output in a smaller lighter package for both the battery and the light, and a single spare 18650 is less annoying than 4xAA IMO...