Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Real Preparedness Facts: Why Are Cities Safer?

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Dr. Jerome said...

Great video.
A good synopsis of the study. But your refutation of the country view was stretched and exaggerated. Judging by our books, I think you are just exploring both sides equally. Kudos! There is a region just outside the city where one lives a suburban life, but is distinctly outside of developed neighborhoods. Perhaps this is the best of both worlds.

The study was conducted in "normal times, not extraordinary times.
I suppose my greatest concern with staying in a city is with racial and ethnic violence when the rule of law breaks down.
If the police and local government can stay in control, the city should be a fine place to live.
My second concern, here in the US, is with the "on-time delivery" of food. Even in the city, one should still engage in serious gardening and food storage.
thanks for the video