Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Norwegian TV show you should see on youtube‏

Check out this great reality show in Norway.
A shame it's only 6 episodes long.  A liberal radio show host joins the Army, Navy, Air Force for a year.  It's like a realistic Gomer Pyle or Private Benjamin.  He gets a softer experience but still neat to watch.  A bit rude to his F-16 pilot though with questions on war.  At least by the end he mellows out and sees the Military doesn't turn young people into brainless killing robots.
Imagine if they redid this show in the USA with Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber?  Ha!
Saving Private Osen 1/6 (Redd Menig Osen) (English Subtitles)
Loved the first book, will get the second soon.

Thanks Brad, that's actually a good show, much more interesting than the trash floating around. I liked the first part. Its interesting to see the cookie cut out liberal realize how reality clashes with his fantasies.
Norway looks pretty good by the way. Nice, organized country.

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Steve said...

Hi Fernando,

Do you have and opinion on American Sniper. Contraversy aside I thought it was a lousy movie. Lone Survivor was basicly the smae story but a much better move and no contrevsy. Both based on book written by Navy Seals.

One thing about both movies is the tactical errors these best of the best committed. In Sniper they walk into an obvious ambush. In Lone they could have taken the goat herders with them until they establish radio contact. At the very least why did they not just head back the same route they came in?