Friday, February 20, 2015

Priceless! Greece, Goldman Sachs, Zombie economy and even Hillary Clinton!

I read a variety of news websites. I don’t trust any, but I read several. One of the websites I pay attention to the most is RT news. Yes, Russian Today, which I know has an obvious pro-Russian bias, just like all other media corporations tend to be biased in favor of the interests they represent. The pro-Russian agenda regarding Ukraine is clear, but their economy reports are pretty good. Keeping all this in mind, I find RT surprisingly “fair and balanced”.
A gem in RT is Max Keiser’s Keiser Report. Below is an episode you just have to watch. It involves Zombie economy, Greece debt crisis, Hillary Clinton, Goldman Sacks and corrupt banking in London and Wall Street. Do yourself a favor and find the 25 minutes to watch this one!
Keiser Report – 716

The book recommended in the show is “Austerity: The Demolition of the Welfare State and the Rise of the Zombie Economy”. His Episode 720 on the HSBC is also Fantastic by the way.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Burke said...

Greek welfare recipients who voted in politicians who promised them gobs of goodies to be purchased with borrowed money to be paid back by productive Greeks are innocent victims of the dirty bankers who loaned them money they wanted to borrow.

According to communist newsmakers.


Is this what happened in Argentina?

TheModernSurvivalist said...

So you're in favor of the likes of Hillary Clinton, the Fed, Goldman and the IMF. Nice.

Burke said...

Not at all. Except for Goldman all of them are welfare statists, and I'm not so sure that Goldman isn't. I'm an Ayn Rand fan.

Don Williams said...

1) The EU bankers and their politican buddies seems to be running a rather cruel scam. There are a lot of wealthy , tax-evading Greeks, so I suspect a lot of the borrowed money did NOT go to the common guy. Just as much of Argentina's debt was run up by the wealthy owners of her corporations.
2) And , just as in Argentina, the Greek rich are moving their loot out of the country to avoid their share of austerity. If Germany wants the money back, it should look into bank accounts in Switzerland and Germany herself.
3) Check to see if one non-Greek banker in the EU will help Athens collect taxes on Rich Greeks' assets held in EU banks.
4) Carlos Menem practically handed Argentina's state-owned treasures to Argentina's billionaires -- who, in turn, sold them to foreigners and moved the loot out of Argentina. Leaving the common citizens holding the debt.
5) The bankers have been running this scam for decades -- see John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man".

6) And before Americans sneer at the corruption of foreign governments, they should ask who is going to pay off the $18 Trillion US federal debt. As they say in the poker games, if you don't know who the sucker is then it is you.

Don Williams said...

1) Energy consultant Marin Katusa has put out an interesting book "The Colder War" that discusses the growing competition for energy supplies.

2) Katusa points out that Americans have lived well on borrowed money because the dollar is the world's reserve currency -- so Washington can simply print money to pay off loans to foreigners.

2) However, that status for the dollar depends upon the fact that everyone needs oil and oil is only sold for dollars -- a deal that Richard Nixon/Henry Kissinger cut with the House of Saud back in the 1970s. In exchange for a piece of the pie and US military protection of the House --from their own people as well as from the Iranians. heh heh.

3) However, Russia has big energy deposits and both her and China are trying to replace the dollar's status as sole reserve currency. If they are successful, American living standards could take a hit from lose of dollar buying value/inflation due to price hikes in imports like oil.

Katusa has interesting info re what's the real Washington agenda in Ukraine and Central Asia. With one exception, the US News Media has been lying to the American People on a massive scale about this. The normally dependable Financial Times of London is also strongly promoting the con as well.

Recently , however, the publicly funded PBS network here in the USA lifted the veil a little:

4) Not that it will matter -- President Jeb Bush will be happy to sell the lives of 10,000 US soldiers to billionaire Sheldon Adelson for an invasion of Iran and President Hillary Clinton will be happy to also sell the lives of those 10,000 US soldiers but to billionaire Haim Saban.