Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Food 15 Years past expiration date still OK

Pulled out a #10 can of Idahoan potato flakes from our year 2000 stocking days, it was dated with an expiration of 1999. Before even looking around the web for the real shelf life of these cans I opened one (seal still good), did the visual test, the smell test even ate a few flakes, they seemed fine. Cooked up a batch and they tasted like fresh bought. Granted they have been stored at a dry, cold and dark 55 deg temp. But one should never assume that is enough. I know there are a lot of potato flake packaged products out there that include an oxygen absorber in the can, they will go 30 plus years. This original Idahoan can had no oxygen absorber included but obviously was prepared and packaged right and is just fine. After reading your comment, “I like this stuff a lot. It stores almost indefinitely as long as it’s kept dry.” I just wish to confirm that good advice. Good luck with this site and the future.

Hey JM, thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Potato flakes are one of the foods that store best. Kept dry and sealed away from bugs they practically last forever. Keep in mind that the ancient Incas would just stomp on them, crush them flat and leave them to dry on the windy Andes mountains for a few days before storing for years. This process is known as Chuño and it is still used today.
Potatoes may not be the most nutritious food but combined with other staples and vitamins it will keep you alive and going. I happen to like mash potatoes and we do eat them somewhat often.
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