Friday, February 27, 2015

Crime and private patrols

Another wealthier Seattle neighborhood considers private patrols to
combat large increases in crime.

It reminds me of what you've written about Argentina. It just seems to
be happening at a slow but steady pace here in the greater Seattle

Hello A,
More poverty, more crime, and the same solutions that were implemented in the third world are now taking place in America. Even the fee sounds familiar. Around 20USd a month sounds pretty reasonable.
This is yet another great example of this grey area I always make reference to, the difference between fantasy and reality. In the fantasy world WROL spreads after whatever disaster and brave survivors fight for the scarce resources left in some romanticized post-apocalyptic world. The real world is far less melodramatic. No raiders, no looter refuges, just crime, ordinary, daily, slow grinding crime and on the meantime you still have to show up to work to pay the bills and send kids to school. There’s no neighborhood patrols and no final epic battle with the final boss, leader of the raiders and looters. There’s just years of having to deal with constant crime and theft which unfortunately doesn’t end with the slaying of some boss like it happens in movies and videogames.

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