Friday, July 17, 2009

Book and Interview

I said it before but it’s worth reminding. My book costs 24.95 (before discount, which is only available at Lulu) and is currently only available at Lulu. When Lulu restocks it in Amazon again, it will be for that same price, 24.95.

My book in Amazon priced at $81.68 and $2,399.99 are being sold by a third party, someone that bought my book and is reselling it for those ridiculous prices, probably trying to catch someone not paying attention, I don’t know.

One other thing. I just had a rather long conference with several people through Skype. One of the guys invited me the other day and organized everything, he asked questions while the rest listened and then I answered some of the questions the rest of the folks had and where asking through the written chat.
I think it went very well in spite of my very rusty English. I’ll have a recoding of that and maybe upload it in case people want to listen to it. Mostly about the crisis and the current swine flu problem.
I’ll upload it and link it here when I have it.


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