Friday, July 10, 2009

RCPowers Videos

I found about Dave Powers a couple days ago.
The website name implies remote controlled planes and such, but there’s much more.
He does a youtube show each day and of special interest would be the Survival one on Thursdays, Internet Business on Mondays and Health and Fitness on Tuesdays.
About the ones where he talks about Internet business, people, learning how to make money from home and being self employed is of particular value these days.

Its is possible, people are doing it and Dave gives some great, hard earned advice.
As they say, people learn from their mistakes, smart people learn from other’s mistakes.
Dave is doing things right in his project so learn from his experience.
I might be doing some youtube videos of my own in the future ( not any time soon) and I’ll be watching his videos to learn.
Forget feel good bestseller books about working 2 hours a week and making more money than Bill Gates. Doesn’t work that way.
As Dave says it’s a lot of hard work, more than likely harder work than working from 9 to 5, specially at first.


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